Saturday 31 October 2015

Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan-Removal Scrub

Well, you know how I love the words 'tan removal' :D I spent the first 20 years of my life completely devoid of any kind of sunscreen while spending at least 5 hours a day under direct sunlight, so yeah do the math please :D

Needless to say,anything saying 'tan removal', 'whitening', 'brightening' is always on my radar :D

Also, Biotique is one of the first pure natural brands I started using, and I have used almost every product, so here is one of those products I have used more than once and quite liked!

Bought it first from Big Bazaar, but in past 2 years or so,only bought from Flipkart for around 200 for 75 grams, which lasts a long time,so it is not as expensive as it sounds :D


Claims to dissolve dead skin surface cells, unclog the pores, smoothen the skin,make it supple, exfoliate naturally and uncover skin's natural brightness to give younger-looking skin :D Ingredients include papaya extracts, aam beej, khajoor, methi, yasad bhasm, ban haldi, himalayan water and so on. Pure natural and botanical extracts mixed together in an Ayurvedic recipe,like all Biotique products :) Packaging is sturdy,travel friendly and very little is needed in each use,so Quantity is enough to last almost 2 months on using twice a week.

This is actually very hard scrub and needs to be diluted before applying or it will scratch your skin, if it is as sensitive as mine! It definitely works perfectly in sloughing off dead skin and even work against blackheads to a certain extent but I would tell sensitive skinned people to use it like a face mask more than a scrub. Put it on for 5 minutes and then gently rinse it off because I have found some red rashes on my cheek when I have scrubbed too hard with this. Since it has papaya as main ingredient, its claims are mostly true and it really gives a nice radiant glow immediately which lasts for 2-3 days. Papaya has an enzyme that immediately dissolves dead skin, exfoliates and that makes using a sunscreen very important as the fresh new skin underneath can tan very easily on exposure to sun (or even radiation from our computer screens :P) I have actually not seen a lot of tan removal per se but I have noticed brightening and that is good enough for me :D

  • Purely natural, organic, Ayurvedic, no side effects due to ingredients even on my ultra-sensitive skin
  • Smoothens skin, makes it glow immediately
  • Takes care of blackheads to a good extent on regular use
  • A little is needed, so very value for money
  • Skin does not feel dry after using it, but moisturized :)
  • Easily available on FlipkartAmazon 

  • Hard texture, can lead to scratches on sensitive skin if scrubbed too hard
  • No magical tan removal, which I do not think is a very big deal, but its name is 'tan removal',so :D

RECOMMENDED- YES to those with normal, dry or even oily skin, but sensitive skin people be forewarned! Rating would be 3.75/5 :)

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