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Choonkar Cold- Pressed Neem Oil Review | Miracle Worker For Acne Redness Inflammation | Beauty Review | Beauty Collaboration

Want to meet a miracle worker? Here you go- Choonkar Organics Pure Cold-Pressed Neem Oil, Raw & Natural. And trust me, while I am easy to please, this product has made a special place in my heart based solely on its performance overnight. 

Neem is famous in India as a traditional authentic potent Ayurvedic remedy for external as well as internal use. Internally it purifies blood and externally it is applied as a miracle remedy for pimples, rashes, acne, boils, and this is why I specifically chose Neem oil from Choonkar for review purposes because I had been battling horrible recurrent acne, rashes, redness, inflammation on my face, specifically my cheeks area for past year.   

Packaging of Choonkar Organics Pure Cold-Pressed Neem Oil is in a simple plastic bottle that seems sturdy, but the cap may leak the product if kept in a slanted position so I won't call it travel friendly. I suggest to transfer it in a more secure container if taken while traveling.

Ingredients list has just one name-100% pure, cold-pressed, raw, natural neem oil.

Claims to be GMO-free, Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, pure and natural, and work on skin, hair, nails in the typical potent neem way.

Availability of Choonkar Organics products is good online on Amazon, and this miracle oil is available for just about Rs. 199 which is amazingly affordable.

Quantity of this 60 ml oil is more than sufficient to last ages even when I use about 10 drops every night on my face as massage oil.

Usage - Internally as well as externally since it is pure neem oil. I use it solely on my face for reducing acne and inflammation. I suggest patch test for everyone before using any new product.

Effect - I woke up one fine day with my cheeks filled with big red angry pimples and my cheeks covered in rashes. It may be due to changing weather or the fact that I had used some new beauty products in past week or due to hormonal changes *sigh* I don't know. Something triggered a massive acne and redness attack on my face and the pimples were hurting very bad. 

This has been a pattern with me for past 1 year when I have battled many health issues and family issues so I was not surprised. Thankfully, I had this Neem Oil in my stash from Choonkar that I had not yet used. 

But this was the perfect opportunity. So I stopped using every beauty product and simply washed my face with my trusted Himalaya Neem Turmeric Face Wash, mixed this Neem Oil with Lacto Calamine Lotion and applied on my skin. In evening, I again washed my face with Himalaya and applied Indrani Cosmetics Anti Acne Gel and let it stay on my face for about 3 hours. Then I washed it off and applied this Neem Oil mixed with Calamine lotion and went to sleep. 

3 days later, my pimples had vanished and my redness was much controlled. Since then, I have used more or less the same routine and my skin is thanking me right now. I had heard about the miracles of neem oil but this time I saw the miracle with my own eyes. Choonkar Neem Oil is a potent product that smells strong, showing its purity. It also stings if it goes near the eyes so I suggest everyone to be careful about that. 

Since it is such a strong product I do not apply it directly on my skin because I don't know when my problematic skin will start acting up. Right now I am mixing it with my Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel and applying it. But I am sure normal skin people can use it directly, and maybe I can too, I just need courage to do that :D 

In any case, it is an incredible product and I am always going to keep it by my side as it leaves my skin purified, soft, redness and acne free. Soon I am going to use a few drops in my shampoo and oil too for getting rid of dandruff permanently. What an amazing multi-purpose product :)

  • Miracle worker, pure potent Neem Oil
  • Soothes, calms skin, works on acne and inflammation overnight
  • Extremely value for money
  • Multi-purpose for skin, hair, nails
  • Available on Amazon
  • The bottle is not travel friendly as the cap can let the oil leak sometimes
  • Neem oil is so strong, it will sting eyes if it gets near, so be careful

Recommended -YES. An absolutely incredible product from Choonkar Organics that everyone should have at home. Rating is 5/5.


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