Wednesday 24 June 2020

Nilgiri Aroma's Shea Butter Daily Moisturizer Review | Savior For Dry Itchy Inflamed Rashes-Prone Skin | Beauty Review | Beauty Collaboration

We live in amazing times where we get to find hidden gems everywhere. Look at this Nilgiri Aroma's Shea Butter Daily Moisturizer I have fallen in love with over the past month.

Packaging of  Nilgiri Aroma's Shea Butter Daily Moisturizer is in a sturdy plastic bottle with pump dispenser. It is not very travel friendly since once the pump is activated it does not retract easily. It can retract, I tried but it still feels like it may leak. So if you plan on traveling with it, take the product in a different container to be absolutely safe.

Ingredients list includes Shea Butter and Aloe Vera in cream base. The base is not specified but it will have basic minimal chemicals needed for formulating any product, so no big deal. The shea butter component is the majority and it shows its effects on usage.

Claims that this moisturizer is good for itchy skin, dry skin, thick skin, rashes, sunburn, and will give 24-hour hydration for noticeably smoother skin.

Availability of Nilgiri Aroma's Shea Butter Daily Moisturizer is good online on Amazon and the big 500 grams bottle is available for just Rs. 500 which is fantastic.

Quantity is this 200 grams bottle is enough for lasting more than a month on applying all over body everyday since only a small quantity is needed for each use.

Usage - Apply all over body or on affected area. Gently massage till the lotion is absorbed completely.

Effect - Simple and straightforward, Shea Butter and Aloe in a cream base, this thick buttery lotion is a god-send for-
Dry skin,

Itchy skin,
Dehydrated skin

A little goes a long way and it is mainly for body use but if you have normal skin with excess dryness or dehydrated patch on your cheeks due to environmental change, you can spread just one little drop of this lotion and see the dry patches disappear overnight. My mom had little dry patches on her outer cheeks and she applied just one little glob of Nilgiri Aroma's Daily Moisturizer and in 2 days her skin is back to normal, plump, hydrated. I have not applied it to my cheeks since I am already battling dirty painful acne outbursts and trying to minimize the usage of products on my face.

It does not have any added fragrance, just a very mild nutty Shea butter smell that wears off after a while, but it's moisturizer capabilities go on for atleast 12 hours even on my super dry skin..AND it soothes cracked heals too! I apply it liberally all over my hands and feet and it takes some time to get completely absorbed. But once it does, it makes my skin feel plump, hydrated from inside.

Living in Covid times, we are all washing our hands multiple times throughout the day and it left my hands too in a very rough state. But using this lotion through the past month has completely healed all the rough and dry patches on my hands and I cannot praise it enough. Everybody knows about the magical effects of pure shea butter and this moisturizer has it in droves.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one to death and will recommend to everyone.

  • Filled with pure shea butter goodness
  • True to its claims, gives long term hydration and noticeably smoother skin
  • Perfect for removing dry patches overnight, providing skin with smooth nourishment and protective cover from environmental factors
  • Will work on face for normal dehydrated skin too that is not prone to acne
  • Very value for money
  • Works on stretch marks too, noticeably lightened effect in a fortnight
  • Works on cracked heals almost overnight
  • Makes skin healthy in long term, my hands and feet feel moisturized all the time now
  • Those who want complete list of ingredients will not like the mention of cream base
  • Will not work on face for those with super-sensitive acne prone skin but it does not claim to either

Recommended -YES, a million times YES. A value-for-money product for everyone. Rating is 500/5.

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