Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Vegetarian Meal And Biryani Lunch From Faasos Vikhroli | Food Review | Food Photography

Faasos is tried and tested in our family when it comes to their wraps and biryani. So a couple of days ago, when we were in the middle of shifting houses and needed quick lunch options, Faasos came up as a dependable name on a sultry afternoon. As always, delivery was fast and packaging was stellar. Pricing a bit on the higher side.

We tried-


The Biryani was FABULOUS. Quantity more than enough for a heavy lunch for even a hippo like me :D 2 light eaters can easily fill up on this alone. Bright colorful rice strands with hearty portion of Indian spices, paneer chunks, and a side of cooling mint raita. LOVED it. But also, dear Faasos, why you put elaichi in biryani? whyyyyyyyy? :P

Palak paneer meal had 2 parathas alongside palak paneer gravy and it was good enough too, though I would like a thicker gravy and lesser oil, but oh well :D Quantity is sufficient for a good working lunch for a single person but priced on higher side. 

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