Wednesday 19 February 2020

Starry Pizzas From Starboy Pizzas And Shakes | Vegetarian Food Delivery | Review And Photography

Tried 3 pizzas from here 2 days ago, for a fun family dinner night. The pricing is just right for the quantity, especially since we got a massive 50% discount while ordering from zomato. Delivery was super-fast too, and the packaging merits a special mention. The boxes are colorful, immersed in the colors of US flag, and there are pictures of American celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley on the oregano + chilli flakes packets :)

We had VEG SUPREME LOADED, GARDEN VEGGIES & THREE CHEESE TRIO, TANDOORI PANEER TIKKA pizzas. My favorite was PANEER one, with super-soft paneer pieces on a bed of loads of cheese and proper ratio of sauces to spices. LOVELY :)

Both VEG SUPREME as well as GARDEN VEGGIES variety had nice amount of bell peppers, olives, onions etc. and good cheese + sauce ratio, were delicious. But frankly I could not distinguish any difference between them, both tasted almost the same. Anyway, my parents enjoyed both the varieties while I loved the tandoori paneer.

Would definitely reorder :) 

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