Sunday 23 February 2020

Shree Raj Ghatkopar | Hidden Gem | North Indian Punjabi Cuisine Home Delivery | Food Review

My mom was craving some SHAHI PANEER yesterday so ordered it yesterday alongside TANDOORI ROTI and GARLIC NAAN from here. Very reasonable pricing, fast delivery, extremely good portion, secure packaging, clean and tasty food. 

Roti and Naan were great as expected, shahi paneer as we all know is on the sweeter side but thankfully here the gravy was creamy but they had not added extra sugar. I find it very irritating when restaurants add extra sugar that makes the gravy cloyingly sweet. Here, shahi paneer was calorific, on the sweeter side, creamy, delicious, LOVED IT.

Would love to reorder again soon :) This is the place that does justice to the concept of delicious and fast everyday food for the masses. 

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