Thursday 5 April 2018

Copper Chimney Worli Mumbai | Classic Punjabi Mughlai North Indian Feast | Food Review

One of the constant complaints of Mumbai foodies is the scarce availability of good north Indian/Punjabi/Mughlai food here, a point that repeatedly crops up in frequent Delhi-Mumbai comparison debates. For my family and friends however, Copper Chimney has been the quintessential place to be for delicious kebabs, tikkas, biryani, naans et al. This particular outlet in Worli is their oldest and dare I say, most spacious (in Mumbai) and classiest too. So there was no way we would not land here for a lovely review invite.

Elegant, timeless ambiance with extremely attentive and fast staff, the open kitchen and the extensive menu are enough to make any foodie fall in love with Copper Chimney. They have taken some classic dishes and kept the rustic cooking methods alive for that warm, homely feel on the palate. Alongside, they have also brought several innovative contemporary dishes especially in drinks and desserts section. 

We were pleased to see that the menu does not include only extra calorific dishes but quite a few choices for health conscious too. But I honestly believe this is one place where nobody should be counting calories. Prices are on the higher side but the quality and quantity of delicious food made it completely worth it :)

Started off with bunch of drinks, all of them extremely refreshing and apt for summers-

Indian LIIT - Vodka, White Rum, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec, Cola, Coconut Water, 

Khatta Jaljeera - Kala Khatta, Jeera, Soda, Lemon, Black Salt, 

Rusleela - Ginger, Pineapple, Orange & Mint, 

Kadak Roomali seems to be their BESTSELLER and rightly so, as it is crispy, buttery, spicy and perfect to go with any drink,

Chilli Cheese Naan was my personal FAVORITE, cocktail naans filled with spicy,herbed cheese, this one did not need any accompaniment to make it better and kept us good company till the Kebabs arrived,

Vegetarian Kebab Platter is a good choice for veggies who love the tandoori touch to food, with Paneer, Potatoes, Mushrooms and Reshmi Kebab vying for attention, all of them good. Especially loved the wholesome reshmi kebabs (a bit on sweeter side) and big juicy chunks of well marinated paneer,

Veg Copper Chimney Biryani was a rich medley of long grain basmati, spices, vegetables and saffron strands, true-blue-biryani, not a veg pulao masquerading as one :P If kevda essence is not used it will be perfect, also I did not get any elaichi but my sister got one and we all know how elaichi in biryani makes most people feel :P Otherwise, the flavors, spices, everything was spot on,

We had Biryani with Kadhai Paneer - Mix vegetables with paneer in mildly spicy and tangy tomato based gravy as well as Malai Kofta - the Mughali specialty of paneer + dry fruits kofta in sweet-ish cashew based gravy, this one especially is one of the best Malai Kofta I have had, not unnecessarily sweet but very scrumptious :) 

Muzzafar is one dish we especially recommend for dessert as the luscious blend of rabdi (not very sweet,just right) with roasted vermicelli on top gave us a royal end to our meal,

Rasmalai and Gulab Jamun were also good though gulab jamuns were a bit too sweet for my sister (she is not much into desserts and likes milder dishes in this regard)

Overall, Copper Chimney managed to make us feel like royalty once more and we have no doubts that it will stay on its position as a must-visit place for families for many manyyyy decades to come :) 

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