Wednesday 4 April 2018

The Parfait Co. Mumbai | French Dessert Better Than Ice Cream | Summer Savior | Food Review | Food Photography

Come on people, give a warm welcome to distinct French cousin of Ice Cream = Parfait! Or as Joey would say, 'Pa Flu Fleh' :D 

As per my rudimentary knowledge, Parfait is made of milk/cream, eggs, sugar and real fruits/chocolate thus making it an irresistible dessert. But forget the theory, I say get your hands on as many flavors from here as possible and feel the silky creamy texture of Parfait yourself :) A Must-Have is how my family would describe this dessert. And what better time than now when the sun is unrelenting and peeling off our skin!

We tried a bundle of flavors and each one was so smooth, very distinct from all the ice creams/gelato we have tasted, flavors were real and burst on our palate distinctly. Love the cute elegant little cups that are perfect to satisfy dessert cravings of an individual as well as easy to carry around and also have a little spoon inside to help eat on-the-go.

BELGIAN CHOCOLATE - Dense, smooth, decadent, chocolate lovers MUST HAVE this one.

PASSION FRUIT - Each spoonful is tangy-but not tangy enough to make those with sensitive teeth tingle- yet refreshing and an exotic flavor that would make those happy who love unique flavors.

FRENCH VANILLA - Very delicate vanilla flavor, for those like my mom who doesn't like frills or anything dense like chocolate, for those who like long walks under the get the idea :) Simple but memorable.

SALTED CARAMEL - My Personal FAVORITE, intense hit of caramel followed immediately by tinge of sea salt, this one is goodness from first spoonful to last and it literally took me all of 30 seconds to finish the 100 ml cup :P 

BLUEBERRY - My sister's FAVORITE, what a beautiful blueberry flavor after a long time, not the artificial syrupy but the real deal, made with Italian blueberries. Very mildly tangy and sweet in equal measure, really delicious.

Delivery was done very promptly and I cannot wait to try all their other flavors soon too. Seems higher priced but the premium quality offsets that. When my palate is happy, my wallet is happy too :D

Pa Flu Fleh!

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