Monday 2 April 2018

#SunsationalSummer With Chaayos Powai | Vegetarian Shakes And Salads | Food Review | Food Photography

Chaayos was the new kid on the block last year, bringing the young and the restless back to chai-gupshup mode and every visit made by my family has resulted in us returning happy to the core. Vibrant, fun ambiance, extremely fast and polite staff and a menu choc-a-bloc with different kinds of quick service beverages as well as snacks, why won't one want to saunter in with friends and family in tow to spend a couple of relaxed hours here :)

Was here with family to try their new #SunsationalSummer menu which introduces special summer salad as well as novelty shakes to quench the summer pangs (And this year is going to be very gruesome,sun is peeling our skin off already,it is not even April!) This outlet is literally jam-packed in evenings so go early. 

Started off with their new shakes-

Motichoor Shake - MUST-HAVE, imagine fresh motichoor ladoos in creamiest form, not much ice either, just the way any ladoo lover will love it, not very sweet either, I am ordering it blindly every time I enter here, 

Cake Shake - My sister liked it, it had a chocolatey taste and again wasn't very sweet, I love my chocolate in dense and bitter form but this was lighter which I guess is the mass preference, 

Kulfi Shake - Another really good creamy shake and in fact perfect for those days when you want something light to escape the heat. It sounds heavy because of kulfi but in fact is quite light and fragrant and has sabja too. In fact, if you have ever had the famous falooda at Baadshah you will find this a lighter version of that :) MUST-HAVE for those who do not like heavy or too sweet shakes.

Chikoo Shake - For those who want a fruity touch, go for this. Quite decent and cooling, I would like it a bit less icy though.

Up next was Paneer Spicy Summer Salad that looked beautiful, a medley of paneer with bell peppers, cabbage and onion in mildly tangy and very mildly spicy dressing, it was good overall and ofcourse nutritious though but the paneer we had was very salty. I am very sensitive to salt levels so I thought the salt level can be reduced but my dad found nothing wrong with the salt level so I guess it depends on your preference for salt :D Every other element in the salad was good and quantity was good too for a filling snack.

We also tried some other really good items on the menu-

Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich - MUST HAVE every time we are here, generous spread of spinach-corn-cheese in soft bread, very filling and absolutely lip-smacking, 

Napoli Sandwich - Something new we tried and really liked, loads of mushrooms in mildly cheesy avatar with herbs sprinkled over, mushroom lover should definitely try this one, 

Baarish Wale Pakode - MUST HAVE according to my mom, these onion-paneer-chilly pakodas justify their name perfectly since this is exactly what we binge on during monsoons, perfect to go with hot piping tea , 

Modinagar Shikanji -Indian Modinagar famed lemonade that is another MUST HAVE especially for my dad who doesn't like tea, coffee or shakes but this one he reorders every time we are here, 

Pineapple Strawberry Panna - Little strawberry touch to apna loving aam panna, another nice beverage for summers, it was decent,

Kulhad Chai - Finally, for chai lovers it doesn't get any better than this, with hot masala chai and saffron strands served in earthen pot (kulhad). Nothing else screams Indiaaaaaaaaaa as loudly as this does...all those memories of traveling in trains during childhood and parents having kulhad ki chai while looking out the window come alive :)

Overall, we give our thumbs up to Chaayos for their #SunsationalSummer additions and would surely be back soon. 

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