Sunday 25 March 2018

Roots & Herbs Kesar Radiant Skin Men's Ubtan Review | Natural Ayurvedic Formulation | Beauty Review | Lifestyle Blogger India

Roots & Herbs Kesar Radiance Enhancing Skin Ubtan, an ubtan worth checking out.

I got friends. Some of them are incapable of reading labels accurately. More specifically, one certain friend (who shall remain unnamed, I am looking at you M :P) who got me a Men's Ubtan as birthday present!

When I got Roots & Herbs Kesar Radiant Skin Ubtan, the first thing I noticed was 'Men's Face Ubtan' written clearly over the label and immediately dashed off an email to them on facebook asking if it was suitable for women's skin too since there was no way my father would ever use it on his face! I was totally prepared to throw it away (without my friend ever knowing it) but these good peoples told me it would not harm my skin as it is completely natural. I decided to carefully give it a try.

So first I tried it on my hands as a ubtan mixed with curd and saw that it did not lead to any kind of itchiness, rashes or allergies. After 3 days I decided to try it on my super sensitive, combination-dry, acne prone skin too. It was not a bad decision :)

Packaging of Roots & Herbs Kesar Radiance Enhancing Skin Ubtan is quite elegant and full of information on its natural ingredients as well as effects, it is also very travel friendly. Its Ingredients list is full of natural Ayurvedic as well as exotic herbs such as Saffron extract, Ghrit Kumari extract, Kapoor, Rose Petals, Licorice extract, White Sandalwood, Nutmeg extract, Fig extract, Manjistha, Almond oil, Vitamin E oil and more. Claims to even tone complexion, removing tan & blemishes, remove dead skin cells to impart smooth & clear skin. I have not seen it anywhere in offline stores but it is available online on Amazon for Rs. 980 for 100 gramsQuantity is good enough to last for 2 months as a little goes a long way.

For my facial skin, I have almost exclusively relied on Ayur Face Packs + Forest Essentials Tejasvi Ubtan as well as Narangi & Nagkesar Ubtan. So I was not sure of  Roots & Herbs Kesar Radiance Enhancing Skin Ubtan doing anything better. My expectations were at their lowest but to my surprise, this ubtan met them all and then some :) I don't know why I had never seen this brand anywhere or seen any advertisement for the same too but I am happy my friend introduced me to Roots & Herbs.

On their elegant tub it is clearly written that they do not use parabens, SLS, mineral oil, artificial colors, artificial perfumes, silicons, alcohol and are completely against animal testing. On opening the little tub, it looks like any ubtan, has a herbal smell. It is supposed to be used with an activator but I used curd as usual to make a paste.

Due to presence of camphor, it feels cool on applying which is great for Indian weather. It is clearly written on the tub that it should not be dried completely (I guess because then it will suck out all the moisture from skin) and I always let it dry midway and wash it off. On washing, my skin feels deeply cleaned and pores look smaller

Most importantly, even though it is men's ubtan, it has not done any harm to my facial skin even though I have used it everyday for almost a month now. It makes my skin feel smoother and softer and I like using it during evenings as it calms my skin after a hard day's work :) I cannot say that it has magically even-toned my skin but natural Ayurvedic products take some time to show long-lasting results (on the tub also it is written use regularly for 6-8 weeks to see solid results). So I am going to use it for more time and hopefully it will also even-tone my skin. As of now, I am really happy with it and am tempted to try more products from Roots & Herbs :)

  • Full of natural potent Ayurvedic ingredients 
  • Lasts good long time as small amount is needed 
  • Devoid of any harmful ingredients and 100% Indian Vegan Beauty Brand
  • Even though it is formulated for 'men's kin', does not harm women's skin too :)
  • Suits even my ultra sensitive skin, no allergies or pimples 
  • Makes my skin deeply cleaned, soft, smooth 
  • Calms skin, feels cool and reduces inflammation

  • Not easily available, I got it as a gift, bought by my friend from Amazon

Recommended -YES! Even being a men's ubtan, it has suited and worked well on my skin so I am going to try more ubtans and products from Roots & Herbs :) Rating is 4.5/5

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