Saturday 3 March 2018

Coppetto Artisan Gelato Mumbai Review | Vegetarian Dessert Bonanza Feast | Food Review | Food Photography

Welcome to the gelato paradise that will ensure your new year resolution of dieting goes for a toss like it did for me :P But hey,this is what cheat days are for! 

Located just round the corner from Moti Mahal, an elegant small outlet serving creamy gelato with exotic flavors. Each flavor is made of real gourmet ingredients, so if we choose chocolate we get real chocolate, not artificial flavor. If we want guava, we get real guava in every scoop, not synthetic guava syrup. 

The display looks delicious, each flavor tempting and worth a try. Staff is very polite, helpful, efficient and gelato can be opted for in cups or cones, single flavor as well as half & half. Even small cups are generously filled to the brim so I won't complain about prices, they are reasonable for premium quality. The whole vibe here is positive and luxurious. 

I actually tried every single flavor and honestly am hard pressed to find fault in anything. If I have to nitpick, maybe strawberry cheesecake would be the weakest flavor for me because I could discern the strawberry but no cheesecake, and also the cookies and cream was not very appealing for me. But other than these, I loved literally every single flavor. (Also, taste is subjective so what I don't like may very well be loved by someone else) 

FERRERO ROCHER - Real ferrero flavor, I paired it with Pista,lovely :D 

PISTACHIO- Dear God, the creamiest version of Pistachio, soft and serene, a must-must-try :) 

DARK CHOCOLATE - Smoothest, sinful dark chocolate version of gelato, cannot share with anyone :P I paired it with Amarena. 

AMARENA - Vanilla with Sour Cherries, this was my favorite, a bit tangy, a whole lot creamy, very calorific :D This and dark chocolate together made me go in #foodcoma 

GUAVA SORBET - Remember those childhood days of eating guava slices with chilli powder on top during summer? This is a repeat telecast of that exact taste. Cannot miss this tangy icy delight. I paired it with Kiwi Banana. 

KIWI BANANA SORBET- There was less of banana and more of Kiwi in this, making this a super tangy and sharp flavor, loved it with guava alongside, perfect for scorching summer afternoons. Ensure you are not allergic to tanginess overload when having these! 

HAZELNUT - For those who do not prefer the dense dark chocolate version, go for this milder version. I paired it with Raspberry. 

RASPBERRY SORBET -Another tangy berry-licious flavor, for those trying to ward off summer or needing something lighter than a creamy gelato flavor. Loved the color and punch of raspberries in every bite! So I tried to cut down on my calorie intake by trying every flavor in a half and half cup version, still must have indulged in about 5000 kcal in a single afternoon. 

My initial plan was to just have 1-2 flavors and scoot but once I started trying, just couldn't stop. Coppetto gets my hulk level appreciation for creating this gelato heaven. Hulk Happy. Must Eat More Gelato Here. Over and Out. :)

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