Thursday, 1 March 2018

Punjab Depot Food Review | North Indian Vegetarian Punjabi Feast | Home/Office Delivery Review

It is official. Food from Punjab Depot is enough to make any foodie's heart go balle balle :D

Last week, they were gracious enough to sent over 2 meal boxes for review to my office and now my office colleagues are planning to order in half of their menu the next time we are craving khaalis punjabi food, so that is testament enough for how good their food is :) 

We tried Palak Paneer-Naan combo and Rajma Masala-Jeera Rice combo. Both combos also had pickle, papad and onions alongside. 4 of us shared these 2 boxes and were stuffed to the brim. 

PALAK PANEER was legen-wait-for-it-dary level delicious, with softest paneer pieces and creamy palak curry, definitely reordering it soon. NAAN was good enough to be eaten on its own and with palak paneer, simply heavenly ♥ 

RAJMA MASALA as expected was very spicy and chatakdaar, made the way we get it in Delhi, a bit tangy and very buttery. JEERA RICE could have been better, my sister thought it had too much jeera and too much oil, it tasted good with rajma though and we finished the combo within minutes but still this could be worked upon :) ( I was too busy devouring naan and tasted just a spoonful of jeera rice, it was nice but naan was yuuuuuuuuummmmmmm) 

Packaging is secure and oh-so-colorful, ekdum punjabi style. Delivery was done promptly, food piping hot and fragrant, quantity is more than enough to satiate even a hulk like me (one meal box can be shared between 2 light eaters) thus making food very value for money here and taste is on the dot pure punjabi. So time to do balle balle with Punjab Depot.

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