Sunday 4 March 2018

Oh! Fudge Mumbai Review | Sinful Dessert Fudge Thickshake Sundae Feast | Food Review

My sister is a fudge fanatic and waits for Lonavala's famous Cooper's fudge to make an appearance at our home like a religious festival :D I had plans of taking her here for a review session but unfortunately our work schedules did not match up. No issues, the generous hosts here got me a bunch of fudge jars to share with my sister at home and then comprehensively review them. So here goes! 

First of all, this is a very small outlet situated inside a general store right at the corner of road of Carter's Blue! Small but warm is how I would describe the ambiance. It is colorful and fun. Main focus is obviously on the merchandise i.e. fudge in a variety of flavors. They use high quality ingredients and honestly everything tastes top-notch here. Service is quick. Apart from fudge in cups/jars, they also have shakes (fudgeshake/thickshake), fudge in a waffle cone and fudge sundae. Basically it is fudge heaven. 

I started off with 'world's thickest shake'. Not being any kind of shake fan myself, I was a bit hesitant to try it but it was fantastic. I got lovely combo of DARK CHOCOLATE + ALMONDS + CARAMEL and the flavor overload (crunchy plus salty plus sweet) was evident in every sip. Truly, thickest-fudge-shake I have ever had, this one is more like a meal and needs to be eaten rather than sipped. Loved it. 

Then I tried a bunch of fudge samples- 
DARK CHOCOLATE + HAZELNUT = Smokey, crunchy 
WHITE CHOCOLATE + PISTACHIO = If you love Milkybar chocolate, this will be your poison 
CHOCOLATE + COFFEE = Coffee lovers, get high on this, sharp coffee tinge in each mouthful 
DARK CHOCOLATE + MINT = Chocolate and mint doing a hide and seek here, I do not like mint in my food/dessert at all, this one is a big exception here, truly re-orderable 
My Favorite NUT FEST with DARK CHOCOLATE + HAZELNUT + WALNUT + ALMOND + CASHEWS = Pure bliss ♥ Nutty, smokey, sinful, the fudge of my dreams basically :D 
My 2nd favorite CHOCOLATE + ORANGE = density of chocolate with acidity of orange and real orange peel bits make this a must-have for unique flavor lovers. 

I ended up bringing jars of Nut Fest, Choco-Orange and Choco-Mint home, shared with my sister and she looooooooved it too. Good thing that these guys deliver all over India so we do not need to wait to go to Lonavala for fudge :) 

Prices are a bit high but looking at the quality, no reason to complain. They are also coming out with new flavors soon so we are all ready to indulge in those. Overall, if you are a fudge lover, this should be your must-check-out place and if you are not, you will be once you check them out. There is something for every tastebud here ♥

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