Thursday 27 October 2016

Cupcakes And More At The Boston Cupcakery | Food Review | Mumbai Restaurant Review

Mumbai. Traffic. 2 words enough to send shivers down the spine of any logical human being. The various members of our bloggers group reached here between 1-2 hours late and it was already dinner time by then. Now while the word cupcake is enough to send anyone to seventh heaven, especially someone like me with a sweet jaw, it is not expected to have much to do with meal options. So here we were, hungry and expecting nothing but desserts. Oh, how wrong we were!

The Boston Cupcakery

The Boston Cupcakery Bandra Mumbai Cupcakes & More

The Boston Cupcakery Mumbai Desserts Waffles Masterchef

While The Boston Cupcakery is definitely an abode of heavenly desserts, its savories are no less than a revelation either. We browsed through the menu and decided to try out a wide range of their specialties from beverage, salads, waffles and desserts sections. There are more than enough options for pleasing every tastebuds, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences nicely thought out. In fact,there are options for health enthusiasts too :)

The Boston Cupcakery

Started with Mint Mojito Green Tea with its potent fragrance and full flavors (not overwhelming, just right) turning out to be just the thing my mild flu needed to get well. Baileys Irish Green Tea had an even more potent fragrance and surprisingly, no bitterness. These strong beverages can actually wake up the zombies from the Thriller video (yeah,I am old :P)

The Boston Cupcakery Milkshake

For milkshake lovers like my sister, go for Cafe Nutella which is a thick shake with creamy spoonfull of nutella that needs to be eaten with relish! Cafe Caramel is equally luscious and heavenly, just a tad sweeter (for sweet junkies like me!)

My personal favorite is Cafe Medici which is basically coffee infused with hot chocolate syrup and orange zest. Now all you folks from the 90s raise your hands up. Remember we used to have a milk chocolate variety in orange flavor? That irresistible combination of sweet chocolate with tangy bitter zest of orange, try Cafe Medici to know what I am talking about :) 

The Boston Cupcakery Vegetarian Vegan Healthy Nutrition Gourmet Salad

The beverages made us hungry for more,literally! We went on to Veg Thai Peanut Salad which is a good meal option for a regular eater. Appropriately crunchy and wholesome with loads of bell peppers, carrots, peanuts, tomatoes, lettuce with Tofu (usually Tofu stinks for me but this doesn't, Yay :D) with mildly spicy dressings, this started our savories tasting on a good note.

I found the Asian Noodle Salad more or less identical with addition of earthy soy-miso sauce and Soba Noodles which I am not a big fan of but if you love noodles, you may like this. It does have a beautiful texture.

The Boston Cupcakery Vegetarian Vegan Healthy Nutrition Waffles

Now let's look at the stars of the night *drumrolls* - the savory waffles! We honestly had no idea how these were gonna be, but took a chance and were rewarded with infinite deliciousness. Started with Barbecue Mushroom Waffles with the lip-smacking sweet-spicy-peppery Barbeque sauce, softest mushrooms, salad leaves, chipotle dressing making us fall in love with it.

The Boston Cupcakery Vegetarian Vegan Potato Rosti Waffles Health Nutrition India

Potato Rosti Waffles with Red Velvet Hummus and House Salad were another star winner with crunchy waffles and velvety beetroot hummus making us fight each other for the last bite :D I cannot wait to try out their other salads on my next trip, especially Quinoa Salad :)

The Boston Cupcakery Masterchef Dessert Recipe Cupcake With Ice Cream

Even though we were almost full, we couldn't just end our highly surprisingly delectable dinner without some desserts right inside the Boston Cupcakery :D So started with Chocolate Cupcake with Ice-Cream, a combination that needs no further explanation :) Do share it with someone because it is dense with calories.

The Boston Cupcakery Signature Dessert Healthy Nutrition Gourmet Dinner Recipe India

Next came their signature cupcakes Caramel Sea Salt and Chocolate Orange Pine, the former with beautiful earthiness of sea salt cutting through the sweet caramel and moist cupcake effortlessly while the latter had the same effect on me as the amazing Cafe Medici, all you sweet-bitter flavor lovers do have this. The cupcakes here are definitely one of the best we have had, moist and flavorful through and through, a delight in every bite.

The Boston Cupcakery Nutella Masterchef healthy nutrition vegetarian dessert

Finally, we couldn't resist Nutella Well, the spongy chocolate dam containing a river of molten nutella and caramel inside, forcing us to lick the plate clean. Look at the picture, salivate, go and have it, it is even better than it looks :) Can't wait to taste all other pastries, cakes, cupcakes, croissants and brownies that were tempting us from the display shelf. 

Vibrant ambiance, youthful vibe, comfortable seating, very helpful and polite staff and excellent grub (the prices seem to be on higher side till one looks at the location and quality), The Boston Cupcakery is a must-visit destination for cupcakes & much much more :) 

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