Friday 21 October 2016

5 Ways To Buzz Up A Monotonous Office Day | Lifestyle Diaries | Tips & Tricks

So many of my friends often complain about horribly boring days at office. Sigh, this is the reality of 21st century! A job that constantly keeps us on our toes without a moment to unwind, a life full of deadlines and stress, late-night project work and early morning meetings, all of these can contribute to fatigue. Sometimes in fact, the excitement at the starting of a new job boils down to long hours of monotonous work after some time. It becomes very difficult to cope up with a monotonous office day. Here are some tips to go through such a day without feeling completely exhausted:-

5 Ways To Buzz Up A Monotonous Office Day

Get Official – A monotonous office day can be used as an opportunity to pitch new ideas to the boss whether it is starting a new work team, installing a new coffee machine or subscription to a new trade magazine. Additionally, if the office is already equipped with an in-house gym or sports facilities, use those for a while to get recharged. If nothing else, go to another department (such as IT) and learn a few tips and tricks that could actually prove beneficial later too.

Get Personal – One of the best ways to transform a boring office day to a perky one is to take a personal break and send personal emails, check social media, connect with old friends or even watch a movie trailer. Listening to music, indulging in some long-pending online shopping or even calling up family to chit-chat for a bit are all great ways to make sure that the monotony is broken immediately.

Get Intellectual and/or Competitive – Give some exercise to the brain and pump up the office day from drab to fab! Nothing beats a work routine faster than trying out crossword, sudoko or various puzzles, in fact there are many brain tests available online that provide perfect distraction to a monotonous day. If this is not interesting enough, try starting a friendly competition with office friends and play online games for a while with a round of drinks in the evening at stake! Another awesome way to get refreshed instantly is by reading an e-book.

Get Creative – A boring office day can be spruced up by indulging in some creative outlets such as painting or poetry. Why not get out of the office and just walk on the streets for 10 minutes? Health enthusiasts can take a break to do some exercises on their desk itself or maybe just walk up and down the stairs to get heart pumping. If feeling generous, make coffee for everyone and get brownie points from colleagues. Simply take a break for DIY mani-pedi which can be done within 15 minutes or indulge in a treat (maybe a big bar of chocolate). Keep scented candles around and let that be the soothing friend to banish monotony.

Get Insane – This is the solution when everything else fails. Break out of the rut by doing everything that can be termed ‘insane’. Examples include coming up with jokes and sending them to everyone via email, dancing, planning a harmless prank on a pesky co-worker, changing the screensaver on someone’s desktop or even doing astrology/ numerology/ psychic readings in the middle of the day for everyone.

Thus, there is no reason to suffer through a monotony day in office when there are so many ways to transform it into a fun day and recharge oneself to work better :)

5 Ways To Buzz Up A Monotonous Office Day

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