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5 Reasons I Want To Own A Coffee Bike | Business & Entrepreneurship

Just the other day, I was watching a travel show and they showed a coffee bike therein! Just like there are food trucks serving cuisines from all over the world without a fixed destination, there are coffee bikes that actually can travel all over the place serving coffee and other knick - knacks to people. Instantly fell in love with the idea and haven't seen something like this in India yet but I am now dreaming of having my own coffee bike. Maybe this will be my dream job :D

 5 benefits of coffee bike

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world with the percentage of its consumption among general populace increasing per year, even in markets such as UK where traditionally tea has ruled the roost. Giant corporate are opening new coffee franchises and they are no doubt booming. But for those who are capable of looking at the big picture, a coffee bike is the way to go. Take a look at 5 benefits of coffee bike that prove owning it makes perfect sense:-

Boosting Entrepreneurship – It provides an opportunity to every individual to be their own boss. Instead of waiting for the customers to walk up to a coffee shop, here the whole shop is on wheels going up to the customer! With low investment and negligible monthly costs in a high-margin industry, coffee bike provides a steady source of wealth generation for those who work hard and smart. With their own chosen marketing and communication methods, they are in complete control of how they want to expand this business.

Work Life Balance- Among the 5 benefits of coffee bike, this one is the most appealing. Getting own coffee bike means being completely in control of when, where and how one wants to work. There are no set schedules and mandatory work hours. In fact, working on coffee bike itself feels like a vacation. Work 15 hours a day outside an amusement park on the weekend rush and then take 3 weekdays off, nobody is going to bat an eyelid.

 5 benefits of coffee bike

Immense Flexibility –It can be used to sell juices, ice creams, flowers and much more. Sky is the limit to how one customizes their offerings on a coffee bike, depending on public demand.

Caring for Environment- Make an effort to nurture the environment by getting coffee bikes made with recyclable, eco-friendly materials that offer sustainable products. A coffee bike does not produce pollution like other modes of transport either and can be solar powered too.

 5 benefits of coffee bike business entrepreneurship lifestyle job career

Enhancing Events- One of the 5 benefits of coffee bike is its versatility as in it can travel the city and serve the pedestrians with as much ease as it can be the centre of attraction at a birthday party, office convention or trade fair. With easy maneuverability and stylish novelty factor, they are an instant hit wherever they go.

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