Friday 8 January 2016

Long & Short - InterContinental, Churchgate, Mumbai

Sometimes you just want to chill and relax, with friends, in a delightful ambiance, and this is exactly what Long & Short delivers. When my mom wanted to go out for lunch with her best friend and preferably with a sea view, Long & Short propped up in mind instantly, having heard so much about it from my friends. A very elegantly done up place, it gives a perfect chill-out lounge feel. The interiors are so comfy, we just wanted to sink in the couch and never get up. In the middle of a sunny afternoon,we were instantly transported to our happy places :) Add the sea view of the majestic Marine Drive and it is just heavenly. There is a brilliant outdoor seating area too but this was just too an afternoon to spend it under the sun. I am sure it will be the best place to be at during night-time.

Absolutely courteous staff who recommended smashing dishes and drinks as per our personal preferences. Food also arrived at perfectly spaced intervals which gave us ample time to just sit and chat. We ended up spending close to 3 hours here,I think! 

We were actually not very hungry (actually, my mom's friend is on this much touted diet and we did not want to look like hungry hippos in front of her :P) so we were not keen on having a bunch of dishes. We ended up ordering 2 drinks (non-alcoholic), 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 desserts and shared it all.

I don't remember the exact name of the drinks. One was a refreshing watermelon mint cooler kind of drink for my mom and I think I had a ginger ale, I would say that the drinks here are the most fantastic I have ever had. Everything from their presentation to the melding of various flavors is just perfect :) 

Starters meant Pesto Paneer Tikka and Mezze Platter. Yes, I am a Paneer lover and need to have it everyday :P Paneer Tikka was fabulous,I just wish the portion was a bit more. Mezze platter had hummus, pita breads, tabouleh. It is a good platter for someone adventurous, someone who loves trying out world cuisines. I found the taste quite authentic too. Since I have had a few Middle Eastern friends in my college, I have quite a good handle on what authentic humus and tabouleh tastes like, and this was pretty close. 

Mains meant Wild Mushroom Risotto and House Special Pizza. I like Risotto but this one I found a bit too dense and plain for my liking. I haven't had authentic risotto before. I did not dislike it,and it did have a feeling of being enveloped in a loving hug by an Italian grandmother but I want more flavors. Anyway,I am happy I tried it and that is what matters. The pizza was the star dish of the afternoon. Had the clear crunch and freshness of being baked in a wood-fired oven, the toppings were of seasonal vegetables, all so juicy and perfectly seasoned with some spices, I could have gobbled it up all alone :D 

Desserts meant Green Apple Crumble Deconstruct and a Rocky Road Pancake Mess. Again, fabulous in every way possible. My mom and her friend loved the lightness of Green Apple Crumble while I just cornered the Rocky Road and feasted on it like never before :D Perfectly balanced with flavors, it was interesting how these desserts worked as a finish to the relaxing meal while also acting as a palate cleanser of sorts

I was happily roaming around taking pictures, walking out into the outdoor seating area and overlooking the marine drive, feeling like a kid lost in a carnival. It is this experience that I would remember Long & Short always for and will recommend it to everyone :)

Delightful ♥♥♥♥

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