Sunday, 3 January 2016

Celejor The Cake Shop, Mahim, Mumbai

My family has two birthday seasons. First is May-June and Second is November-January. My entire family (before being born) decided that it would be only within these 5 months that we would binge on cakes and the rest of year,try to melt it all down. Of course, it just means that we binge on our friends' birthday cakes the rest of the year :P However, birthday seasons are clearly most special and deserve the most delicious cakes possible.

During my childhood, we spent a considerable amount of time in Patna where we had this cake shop called 'Sweet Home'. We only ever ordered cakes from there, we would put it in the refrigerator and a couple of hours later,the cream on top would taste simply out-of-this-world. Moreover, the base was never soggy, never watery, it was just the best place for cakes. We never really got back that taste. In Mumbai, we have sampled cakes from a lot of places and they have all been good but only Celejor comes close to that taste I have come to love since my childhood!

One of my friends had brought some wafers, bread rolls and such snack items to office couple of years ago from Camy wafers. Each item was delicious and she referred Celejor cakes to me (Celejor cakes & Camy wafers are from the same house), knowing how I have a complete sweet jaw. I have been hooked to Celejor since then!

This Mahim outlet is situated barely 5 minutes from the famous Mahim Church of Mumbai. I have been to Celejor Colaba outlet before this and the quality of cakes is the same, simply superb. This outlet is just closer to my home :) A variety of cakes, snack items, savouries, chips, pastries, chocolates await us and everything is made fresh. The best part about the cakes,as I said, is that they are fresh, the base is never soggy, they are dense and rich and every mouthful bursts with flavor without being overtly sweet. Moreover, if you refrigerate them, it doesn't turn into rocks, rather, it just becomes denser and more flavorful. Yup, I know I have a weird way of eating and describing delicious cakes,but come on, I cannot be alone in this :P 

Just last month, for my birthday, we had ordered Red Velvet and Chocolate Strawberry cake. I also had Ferrero Rocher pastry and also sampled some Indian sweets (Rasgulla and Rasmalai) from here. Everything tasted superb. Reasonably priced too. I am always tempted by the beautiful special designer cakes on display here and soon will be trying one of these. ♥♥♥


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