Sunday 3 January 2016

Global Fusion, Bandra West, Mumbai

I think I had just entered my graduation course when Global Fusion had opened in Bandra and a lot of my friends simply could not stop raving about it. Today, so many years later (No I am not telling you exactly how many years later :P), I still hear my office colleagues raving about Global Fusion! Says a lot about the place, doesn't it? :) 

Global Fusion is one of the most famous 'all you can eat buffet' places in Mumbai, especially famous for the inclusion of Sushi among the buffet spread. As we all know, Sushi is one of those dishes that are quite difficult to perfect as well as quite expensive for our wallet too. So obviously, when there is an open Sushi buffet, foodies gotta check it out,y'all :D

Having heard almost everyone I know rave and rave about Global Fusion for ages, I finally took my family for lunch on my birthday last month on 5th December 2015. It is quite difficult for my parents to walk into a buffet, it gives them an Indian wedding-y feeling PLUS they are not very adventurous when it comes to food (they love Indian cuisine and that's it) and I am still training them to be experimental, try out new cuisines, new dishes and these things take time. Since it was my birthday, it took me barely 5 minutes to convince them :)

Quite an easy place to reach, it is situated in this mall that appears in front of us as we take a left from KFC on Linking Road, Bandra West. It is a huge place as I think the entire uppermost floor of the mall has been dedicated to only Global Fusion. Ambiance is dreamy and there is this huge pond in the middle of the restaurant with fishes happily swimming around and some Feng Shui figures, immediately put us in a Zen mode. Perfect place to go with a date, or to impress anyone really :D There are other seating sections too, some areas perfect for huge office groups, some areas perfect for families, but I suggest take up your seat beside the calm pond and enjoy the ambiance that gives tough competition to even 4 or 5 Star hotels. 

The huge ambiance is matched with the HUGE spread of dishes on offer. It is impossible to recall everything on offer, just mentioning a few of my favorites here! Starters had amazing Crispy Corn Water Chestnut, Crispy Paneer, Sui Mai Dumplings, Three Treasure Vegetable, Crispy Potato, Corn Curd, Veg Spring Roll that we ordered for more than once,hot and fresh and oh so flavorful. They even had Fried Eggplant that was so well done even I, a staunch eggplant hater, had it twice :D Sushi counter equally has a variety of sushi on offer. This was the first time I had Sushi and I thought they all tasted fresh. I have no frame of reference when it comes to how a Sushi must taste but a friend of mine had told me that Japanese food in general is bland for Indian tastebuds, they do not have spices like we do. So going by that, Yes, Sushi tasted just like she explained :D It is bland BUT NOT tasteless. Whatever I tasted served as a sort of palate cleanser for me after the truck full of spicy, fiery, delicious starters I had gulped down :D I think that non vegetarians love this place the most because I feel that the variety for them in starters and sushi is a bit more. But I have no complaints. We had more than enough to please us and in fact, the buffet charges are completely justified based on starters and sushi counter spread alone :) (Varies from Rs. 700-1300 depending on the day of the week/ lunch/ dinner/ veg/ non-veg)

My parents have not turned into sushi lovers but they tasted it too and liked the idea that a place is serving these in a buffet format for giving more people a chance to be exposed to a new dish and a new cuisine at reasonable prices (A good Sushi platter on its own, with 6-8 pieces, costs almost Rs. 1000 anywhere else). So, score!

TIP-> Keep having fresh lime soda as we did, it helps digest all this easily, trust me :P Of course,you can order for soft drinks and some mocktails too, all part of the buffet.

Service was very good, our starters were served promptly, water was refilled quickly without us having to ask for it, once we told them to keep the fresh lime soda coming, it kept coming :D 

After the sushi and starters, moving on to main course. It was quite standard fare of Fried Rice, Noodles, one Mixed Veg Gravy Dish, some Indian Breads, White Sauce Pasta, Steamed Veggies. I think it is quite okay, standard taste, my parents were happy so you can be assured that nothing tasted bad. Unless one expects the main course to include some gourmet masterchef class dishes, it will not be disappointing. And the matter of the fact is, most people fill up on sushi and starters itself. Maybe that is why I did not see many non-veg options in this area.

Many people go directly to the Dessert counter and for good reason. It has a BASKIN ROBBINS ICE CREAM COUNTER! A complete Ice Cream counter! Enough said :D There is a smattering of Pastries, Chocolate Balls (Absolutely Loved!), Brownies, Souffle (Very light,just the way I like it), Gulab Jamun (Yum!), Moong Dal ka Halwa (Star Dish of Desserts area!) but the main draw is of course, the Baskin Robbins counter. Unlimited Ice Cream. Heaven is THIS :D

Keep 2-3 hours free from your schedule to enjoy the experience of dining at Global Fusion, this is definitely a place to re-visit :) ♥♥♥

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