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Juss By Sindhful Review | Pure Vegetarian Sindhi Delicacies | Unlimited Sindhi Thali | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Juss By Sindhful was a part of my wish-list since almost a year now, but somehow stars were not aligning for me to visit here. In fact, a couple of times I had made complete plans but had some emergency at last minute, so couldn't visit here. But yesterday was finally the day we made it :D Was here for a review session with mom and sister and enjoyed our lunch here a lot.

Situated in Khar, this is a medium sized place with rustic + quirky, clean ambiance. Staff is EXCELLENT, their service was exemplary. They were constantly on their feet, explaining the dishes and suggesting best ones too. The menu has completely vegetarian Sindhi specialty dishes and I guarantee there is something to please everyone. No matter if your palate is more geared for saucy/ spicy/ sweet/ whatever flavors, here you will definitely find something delicious.

We started off with a round of beverages (PE-PE-PE)




All three were served chilled in nice glass bottles. And all three were TOO SWEET. Really, toooo sweet. PAAN MILKSHAKE was good with real drool-worthy paan flavor but KESAR LASSI especially was nauseatingly sweet. I am blessed with a sweet jaw but my mom and sister are not at all sweet lovers and they could not finish the drinks, so I helped them finish the bottles :P They should really look into the sweetness level of the beverages.

Later on, we had NIMBU PAANI and MASALA CHAAS. Both were perfect. No complaints.

Coming to food, we had something from each section-starter (NASHTO), Main course (KHADO) and loved each one-

BHEEYAN JI TIKKI- Lotus Stem croquettes with Sindhi Green Masalas topped with tangy Lotus Stem chips, was decently spiced, flavorful, LOVED.

SOYA KEBAB- Soya mince slow cooked with Sindhi flavors, really liked it for the simple fact that I generally am not a big fan of soya mince, I like soya granules but minced soya somehow is not too attractive to me but this Kebab was wonderful, be it in terms of texture or flavor, it was DELICIOUS.

ARBI TUK- Arbi or Taro Root flattened, fried, made crisp (while remaining soft inside) and topped with some masalas, served with in-house dips, both tangy-sweet + minty-spicy, LOVED by all. Simple yet delicious.

DAL PAKWAN- Chana Dal cooked in Sindhi masala, served with authentic Sindhi crispy flat bread, accompanied with Coriander and Tamarind Chutneys, MUST-HAVE. Make a complete layer of flat bread at bottom and pile up chole + chutneys on top and have it all together to feel the explosion of flavors. 

CHOLE PATTICE- Chatpata Chana Dal pattice served with Sindhi Chole and Pav, another wonderful amalgamation of flavors. There is spiciness but not too much, there is a bit of tanginess, there are carbs and protein and masalas...another MUST-HAVE. Won't change a single thing about it.

After this, we were a bit confused on what to order so we were suggested to try their UNLIMITED THALI and we loved it to bits. It has all the best dishes from the menu and is completely value for money for quality + quantity.

The Thali came with-

ROSE SHERBET (Welcome drink), felt like Rooh Afza, not very sweet, refreshing,

SANNA PAKODA- Sindhi version of bhajiyas, good,

ALOO TUK- Sindhi famous fried & flattened baby potatoes, crisp outside, soft inside, lovely,

RASWALE ALOO- Sindhi style potatoes in tomato based mildly spicy gravy, decent,

BOONDI RAITA- Cooling, utterly delicious boondi in dahi, dahi was excellent, not sour at all,

BHINDI BASAR- Deep fried okras in onion-tomato base, good with phulkas,

SINDHI CURRY- Vegetables cooked in tempered tomato-besan curry, tangy, must-have with rice,

SAI BHAAJI- Seasonal greens and veggies slow cooked to perfection, must-have,

BHUGA CHAWAL- Sindhi special rice cooked with caramelized onions and spices, delicious,





Best thing about this Thali- Authentic Sindhi flavors, No extra oil-butter used, Simple homely flavors, unexpectedly loved this :)

For desserts, we tried and loved (MEETHO)-

SINGHAR JI MITHAI - Special Sindhi sweet, also known as Sev Barfi, very calorific and unique, MUST-HAVE here,

GULAB JAMUN - Soft gulab jamuns soaked in sweet syrup, garnished with almond bits, good.

This hungry hippo happily recommends Juss By Sindhful to everyone. I am so thankful to them for bringing the best of Sindhi cuisine to public at large. Make this your next dining destination :) 

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