Friday 16 November 2018

Bombay Dessert Company Mahakali Mumbai Review | Vegetarian Fried Ice Cream Pancakes Milkshakes Waffles | Food Review

Situated in a part of Mumbai that does not feel like Mumbai at all (you will know what I mean when you go to Mahakali area!), Bombay Dessert Company is like an oasis in a dessert :D Small but cute, very bright and clean place with a menu full of desserts,desserts and more desserts. Service is fast, prices are very reasonable for quantity and quality, they are open till late for midnight dessert cravings and staff is very helpful in suggesting the best things from the menu.

The menu has something for everyone. Their specialties are Fried Ice creams and Stuffed little pancake bombs. Alongside there are bubble waffles and milkshakes too. Literally everything is utterly delicious. For someone like me with a sweet jaw, this is pure heaven. Even my sister who is not much into desserts 100% LOVED everything. We had-

-- NUTELLA BUBBLE WAFFLE- Soft (but not chewy) bubble shaped waffle, loads of nutella, loads of dark chocolate sauce, what is not to love! Can be served with ice cream too, their ice creams are very creamy and flavorful.

-- RED VELVET MINI PANCAKE- Mini round pancake bombs with full bodied (but not overly sugary) red velvet flavor, enveloped in generous white chocolate & caramel sauce, beautiful sweet-salty flavors, worked amazingly well. My sister loved this one.

-- BLUEBERRY MINI PANCAKE- Another round of small pancake bombs with fresh tangy blueberry flavor, enveloped in generous dark chocolate sauce & chocolate chips. MY FAVORITE. What a delight ♥

-- BANANA CARAMEL MILKSHAKE- Bananas, Caramel sauce, a bit of white chocolate, yummy in tummy :D Not overly cold, not overly sweet/sugary, just PERFECT.

-- PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIE MILKSHAKE- The STAR for me. Peanut butter, brownie, a bit chunky, a lot dark, dense, mini-meal of sorts :D

-- JELLY STRAWBERRY FRICECREAM - Perfected the technique of fried ice creams, the coating does not overpower the ice cream at all, and they serve it nicely with all toppings in place. This one had delectable strawberry ice cream in a crispy fried ball alongside loads of jellies and sprinkles, making us feel like 9 year olds!

-- VANILLA NUTELLA FERRERO FRICECREAM - Subtle creamy vanilla ice cream in a crispy fried ball with loads of nutella & ferrero rocher pieces enveloping it, making it simple yet yummazing.

We  made a complete dinner of our invite here and can confidently say that this is THE place to be, for ages 9 to 99, this Hungry Hippo recommends whole-heartedly :)

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