Tuesday 3 July 2018

Sweet Truth Mumbai | Vegetarian Cake Ice Cream Dessert Extravaganza | Food Review

For someone like me who possesses a sweet jaw, there is nothing more heavenly than coming across a batch of great desserts. Trust me, I am the gal who has had breakfast composed of nothing but brownies, chocolate chip pancakes and milkshakes! I can have desserts alone for breakfast, lunch and dinner :D So there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to try some desserts from Sweet Truth for review.

And they have completely adhered to their name to bring some sweeeeet respite to my palate. 

Delivery was done dot on time. Packaged very securely. Quality is top notch gourmet, every single dessert had that deeply satisfying mix of rich texture, great quality ingredients and the mark of an expert dessert-maker. Absolutely loved everything.

CHOCOLATE FANTASY - What we commonly know as Choco Lava Cake. Molten chocolate in the middle makes this worthwhile.

MISHTI DAHI WITH BLUEBERRY COMPOTE - Lovely combination, twist on very Indian Mishti Dahi with very Italian Blueberry Compote on top, better than a cheesecake, 2 spoons and we were finished with this, slurrrrp!

We also tried their range of exotic ice cream flavors-

SHAHI PAAN ICE CREAM - Calcutta Meetha Paan comes to life, boat loads of raisins, cherries, MUST-HAVE for paan lovers, freshening to the core, solid strong flavor.

SUMMER KING MANGO ICE CREAM - Beautiful creamy mango ice cream, made so much better with addition of little mango bits throughout the box.

BELGIAN CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM - Nice dark chocolate, creamy, delectable, chocolate lovers will surely love this.

Overall, what a lovely experience, will be certainly reordering soon :)

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