Wednesday 25 July 2018

#ChaayosMonsoon At Chaayos Powai | Chai Chocolate Snacks And More | Food Review | Food Photography

Hello Friends, Chai Pi Lo!

While the rest of the world goes ga-ga over coffee and freak shakes, we Indians are so madly in love in with our Chai that nobody can top the feeling of garma-garam chai, especially in evenings, especially with a side of pakodas, especially during monsoon, right? So it was a no-brainer that I would saunter here with family for a review session of #ChaayosMonsoon for spending some time with chai, gup-shup and more!

Extremely helpful and happy staff, fast service and a menu with something for everyone. Prices are on par with quality and quantity. Chaayos has made Chai trendy, the ambiance is hip and along with classic tea, there is coffee,shakes, salads, sandwiches, chocolate cake on the menu too. #ChaayosMonsoon brings along a whole range of chaats that make this a must-visit foodie destination right now. 

In beverages, we tried and loved-

KULHAD CHAI -My mom's absolute favorite, this one is served in Kulhad, real earthy flavor and saffron strands in there, even the aroma is fantastic. She gives this one 10 on 5 stars :)

MASALA CHAI -Another one my mom tried and loved. I am not a chai person myself so completely surrendering to her judgement. She was happy so I am happy :)

PAHADI CHAI -First time in my life I tried this and it was S-P-I-C-Y. Well, this is a twist on Kashmiri Kahwa and is quite different from anything I expected. Completely cleared my sinuses instantly :D Very peppery and also gives warmth to the body..which I guess is what we should aim for in chilly mountain areas!

HONEY GINGER LEMON- My FAV. 5 Stars instantly. The classic remedy for cold. Golden warmth of honey, ginger and lemon soothing the throat. LOVE.

DRINKING CHOCOLATE- For those not at all into chai (like me) but want a hot beverage anyway (like me!), go blindly for this. Real good. I order this everytime I am here.

CAKE SHAKE- My sister's FAV. She likes her beverages cold. This one is a step up from normal chocolate shake, as it is denser, creamier, has a nutty aftertaste. Must-Have :)

For snacks and more, we tried and loved-

BAARISH WAALE PAKODE- It is right there in the name! Monsoon is empty without these pakode. Another one of my family's favorites here. Delicious platter of pakodas (paneer is the best) with spicy chutney alongside. Nothing else defines monsoon in India.

SAMOSA MATAR CHAAT - Little pieces of samosas with mildly spicy matar, veggies such as onions and tomatoes, sprinkling of chaat masala and tangy tamarind chutney, overall good. Felt like it was leaning more towards sour taste but liked it overall. Great for rainy evenings and justifies the monsoon menu tag.

PALAK PATTA CRISPIES- Delightful. MUST-HAVE here without fail. Individual palak leaves deep fried (listen to that crunch) and served with delicious Imli chutney, jalapenos, sev garnish. Could have this everyday. 

PANEER LOADED OPEN PARATHA- Indian twist on pizza. This is like naan with paneer makhani :D Again, a bit leaning towards sour-tangy taste, my mom really liked it. Paratha with soft paneer and tangy gravy. Can have 2 of these for a filling lunch :D

GARDEN FRESH SANDWICH - I LOVE sandwiches at Chaayos. Their SPINACH-CORN and NAPOLI sandwiches are already among my family's favorites. Tried this one and was not disappointed. Simple but delicious. Veggies such as cucumber, onions, tomatoes along with good amount of mayo. Classic.

CHOCOLATE FACTORY CAKE - For dense chocolate lovers, this is MUST-HAVE. Thick chocolate cake, soft, moist, a bit nutty. Need 2 people to finish it.

MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE- For those who want a chocolate brownie and cupcake hybrid, This.Is.It! Try it to know what I am talking about. You won't feel like sharing it (my sister didn't and she doesn't even like desserts!) = MUST-HAVE. 

So once again, I leave you with -Hello Friends, (Chaayos Aao Aur) Chai Pi Loooooo :D Happy #ChaayosMonsoon.

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