Monday 2 July 2018

Behrouz Biryani Mumbai | Vegetarian Authentic Delicious Biryani Fiesta | Food Review

Tried 2 Biryanis from here for a review session, along with my sister. Quantity was huge and 2 Biryani was enough for 4 hungry people. Delivered dot on time, packaged very securely and priced very value for money. The fragrance is intoxicating and the package itself is so beautiful, it increases appetite by just looking at it :) 

Inside the beautiful outer package is another box with Biryani, Mint Raita and Gulab Jamun alongwith tissue paper, fork, spoon and a mouth freshner. Perfect meal packaging. There is a note written about how this Biryani is made from a 2000 year old secret recipe, no idea if it is true or not but surely it adds an elegant touch to the presentation. Must say, somebody spent a lot of time and energy in designing Behrouz Biryani boxes :)

SUBZ E FALAFEL BIRYANI - Fragrant rice with thick chunks of Veg Falafel, much like veg cutlets and a good amount of spices, I really liked this. But my sister kept getting loads of elaichi in her portion. I did not get any! Good luck for me. Taste was really good. 

ZAIKEDAR PANEER BIRYANI - Spicier than previous biryani with fragrant long grain rice, spices, potatoes, paneer chunks, really loved it. But more paneer needed. Again, real authentic biryani taste, cannot fault that.

Mint Raita with both biryanis played a good role in cooling the palate down, Gulab Jamun was really realllly good and there was a very good amount of almonds as well as raisins in both which was awesome :)

Overall, with just a little tweak, these could be among the best authentic biryanis in Mumbai. I shall certainly reorder.

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