Saturday 7 July 2018

ORBANGO Juices Mumbai | No Preservatives No Chemicals Juices | Food Review

A cool part of the latest sensation, cold pressed juices without any added preservatives or chemicals. Orbango sent over some juices for me to sample and I really liked them. Flavors are good, prices seem a bit on higher side but this is actually the case with literally every cold pressed juice brand out there. 

I saw sugar in the list of ingredients too but I did not think any flavor was too sugary, it must be minimal. Still, I guess some people will not like that. Delivery was before time, excellent. Packaging is good, very travel friendly and colorful. The flavors I tried were-

POWER SHOT- Banana, Honey, Dates, Almonds, Milk. Absolutely MUST-HAVE. For anyone who has ever had a cool banana milkshake, this is perfect. Healthier version of that, can be used to get instant energy after a workout. Delicious.

BLISS- Apple, Pineapple, Grapes. Apple was the dominant flavor here with mild aftertaste of pineapple, not too sour, refreshing enough.

RED ALERT- Strawberry, Watermelon, Mint. Both strawberry and watermelon were dominant flavors here, making it sourest of the 3 flavors I tried, strawberry seeds also included here, nice enough.

I would certainly like to try other flavors from here soon :) 

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