Sunday 29 October 2017

Vedge Andheri Mumbai | Global Vegetarian With Desi Edge | Best Vegetarian Restaurant | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Vedge has been making waves and winning 'best vegetarian restaurant in Mumbai' awards for years now, increasing my curiosity and expectations,but somehow I never seemed to land in this area long enough to check it out. So when I got a chance to review some of their freshest offerings in the new menu, I immediately booked a date for family lunch :) 

Vedge brings a plethora of global dishes -pizzas, pasta, nachos, woks, dimsums et al and presents them in edgy veg way, full of flavors and little desi tadka. We wanted to try multiple dishes so we asked for half portions of each dish and even that was hearty enough,a complete value for money place. 1 full portion soup is enough as a meal for a light eater and 1 main course has to be shared among 2 light eaters! Ambiance wise- it is spacious, open, welcoming, warm with comfortable seating for family as well as a quirky corner for college gangs too. Bright artwork, beautiful lamps, artifacts give it a contemporary feel. Service wise- extremely polite,helpful, quick and the staff is really good at recommending dishes as per individual palate.

Started off with a round of drinks-

Simple refreshing LIME-MINT MOJITO -they even make it sugar-free on request,brilliant!
For my ice-tea loving sister, BERGAMOT BERRY ICED TEA, served in a boot shaped glass - Earl Grey concoction with Black Currant nectar,
Dad loved POISON PUNCH - sweet apples with ginger beer and Indian spices, 
Childhood nostalgia of having guavas with chilli comes alive in SPICY GUAVA DELIGHT with guava juice, lemon juice and mint spiked with kick of red chillies powder :D Mom adored this one!

Added Spider-cream float which is a calorific combination of syrup, ice cream and soda-children loooooove this one (yes,even older ones like me :P) we went for STRAWBERRIES & CREAM with sweet strawberry and vanilla ice cream = delightful,

Finally we also tried the concept of Fizzy drinks where according to our tastebuds,we could choose different flavors (so if something goes wrong,you cannot blame anyone else :P) -we went for RASPBERRY,LIME, GINGER, it was good (self pat on the back :D)

Moving on to soups, we had-
CREAMY TOMATO & BASIL- wholesome flavors, simple and hot,
MALAYSIAN LAKSA LEMAK - Coconut curry soup with exotic veggies, served alongside condiments like cilantro mint, lime wedges and fried garlic, MUST-HAVE, if you love flavors of dishes like Khao-Suey and Thai curries,this will be your bae :)

On to starters, we had-
CRISPY COTTAGE CHEESE TOSSED IN BLACK BEAN SESAME SAUCE- After a long looong time, I had some delicious Indo-chinese fare and absolutely loved it, soft crispy cottage cheese, spicy sauce, shredded veggies on the side, 

CRISPY CORN CURD- served with chili oil and sweet chilli mayo, these dips elevated the taste of soft corn curd dumplings = scrumptious,

KILLER Dimsums - both VEGETABLE CHILI BASIL as well as SAUTEED SPINACH, FRESH CORIANDER & CORN were mindblowingly good, one of the best we have had in years, full of flavors and crunch that we expect from a good dimsum, 100% worth the trip made to Vedge :)

In Main course, we tried-

THAI MASSAMAN CURRY -Mild southern Thai curry, this is the 'bland'er cousin of the ever-popular flavorful Thai green & red curries, but still a star dish. Creamy blend of coconut milk with exotic veggies and just a hint of herbs and spices (especially galangal I believe), it went extremely well with steamed rice and my dad who doesn't like spiky Thai curries one bit simply chomped this one to the finish. Simple dish with basic flavors, done very right :)

My personal favorite WOK TOSSED BARBEQUE NOODLES WITH EXOTIC VEGGIES- I am not into Indo-Chinese dishes at all, I do not even have Maggi anymore (I know,gasp!) but this one, oh boy, I am coming back for this! Noodles with a kick of sweet-spicy barbeque sauce, tangy kick of flavors, exotic veggies, absolutely loooooved ♥♥♥ 

My sister being the cheese addict that she is, called for CLASSIC CURRIED ITALIAN LASAGNE - Flat pasta encrusted with roasted vegetables, topped with tomato sauce & cheese baked, the Indian tadka made this a bit different and spicier from usual cheesy lasagna, we all liked it a lot,

PENNE PASTA Cheesy Alfredo- Dad who usually sticks to safe choices in the menu decided to go crazy and ordered for a pasta here. And then he finished it all himself, giving us barely 2 spoons to taste. Yup, this is the man who would order tandoori roti and paneer pasanda even if he met the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace. He finished the entire cheesy bowl of penne alfredo with exotic veggies. That speaks volumes about how good it was, right? :D

You would think that by now,we would be in food coma. Yes we were. And that we would have no space for any dessert,right? Ha ha ha, good one :P The hulk is always ready to smash some we moved on to final round of desserts-

Mom had KESAR PISTA KULFI, creamy delicious, loaded with kesar and pista,enough said,

We had CHOCOLATE MUD PIE, dish to be shared between 3 people at least. The chef brings out this big tray full of chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, castor sugar, chocolate syrup and then mixed it all together on the table to create a literal pile of chocolate in all its glory. Just look at the picture and if you don't salivate, you must be one of those zombies on the walking dead :P I hope Neegan finds you before I do. Everyone else, dig in! ♥♥♥

So my family concurs- Vedge 100% deserves the stellar reputation it has built and all the awards it has won, this is a vegetarian dining place with an edge and even hardcore non vegetarians would be happy being here :) Bon Appetit

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