Thursday 12 October 2017

Ph Se Food Mulund Mumbai | F For Fun Family Friendship Food | Vegetarian Food Review | Favorite Recommendation

F for Fun, Friends, Family...and ofcourse, Food. Ph Se Food takes this philosophy and has created a complete destination for all foodies with this theme in mind, a place for friends or family to walk in together, eat innovative food, have some fun & frolic. It was a pleasure to be here for a memorable review session and we cannot wait to be back again very very soon :)

Situated at Runwal Greens, it is a decently spacious pure veg food destination with some eye-catching, vibrant, contemporary and comfortable ambiance, quirky artwork on the walls, comfy seating, space for large groups and a large screen TV dishing out some LIVE matches constantly. Staff goes above and beyond their roster of duties with a smile and the menu has something for everyone, it is vast, it is fusion, it is delicious.

Now here I would point out 2 things that make Ph se Food an absolute must-visit-

1- It is a product of passion for the founder owner couple duo who can be seen walking around, interacting with the customers, taking feedback. The menu keeps changing, they have made a promise to themselves that they will constantly give the customers something new,something to come back to.

3-The extraordinary amount of personalization and customization for the customers. When you walk in here, talk to the staff, ask them to suggest something or even ask them to make something NOT on the menu, and THEY WILL! I was here on a day with terrible cold and wanted something to drink from the mocktail section-but all the beverages were cold. So what happened? Chef made a special hot beverage of HOT TODDY for me, I have had that a long time ago just once in a pretty upscale restaurant. This is what they do. You in a mood to have Puri bhaji but it is not on the menu? No problem. ASK them and they WILL make it for you :) Similarly, you order a starter but feel it is too salty/less salty? TELL them and they will REPLACE it immediately. This is truly rare and the kind of stuff only luxury restaurants in premium 5 star properties dole out, so I believe the Chef and all the staff here deserve a special kudos for this!

We tried out quite a number of dishes from the menu and whole-heartedly recommend-

BROCCOLI CHOWDER SOUP - Cheesy, warm, wholesome, worthy of drinking a gallon at a go, PURE HEAVEN!

BURMESE KHAO SUEY SOUP - Coconut milk based, distinct flavors, not very sweet thus making it lovely start to our meal, quite a MUST-HAVE,

HOT TODDY- Chef saved my life (and my throat) with this beautiful combination of honey,cinnamon, lemon, times I have a cold, I am just heading here and making a tent in the corner and sip on this till I am perfect :D

CHOLE BHATURE BOMB- Deep fried bhature with chole wrapped inside, making them look like little bombs, hence the name! Mildly spiced, a tinge of tanginess from chutney on top, a bit of cheese, lovely amalgamation of flavors, definitely worthy of reordering,

VEG CANELLONI - My sister wanted to marry this one! Cheesy sheets of pasta interspersed with spinach and more CHEEEEEESE, just have this one if you love cheese :D

MELTING CHEESE BUN -Another one for hardcore cheese lovers- Bun stuffed with cheesy veggies (oh that crunch of zucchini and herbs in tangy cheesy sauce,slurrp!) and then a thick layer of cheese on top that is flamed on the table so it just becomes this huge boat of cheesy goodness you want to drown in..just look at the pics and order it, I know I will definitely be reordering it even though it probably contains 1 million calories :P

VEG CORN TIKKIS- Pretty famous Indian starter, not on the menu but Chef made this..because this is what they do,constantly make something new and present to the customers, remember what I said above :D Liked these a lot, nice balance of crunch of corn and other veggies and was quite spicy too, went really well with the mint as well as cheesy cocktail dips they provided,

MINI SIZZLER - Again,not on the menu but one of their constant innovations, this one was strictly decent. Good portion of rice, paneer steaks, fries, veggies and caramelized onions on the side, everything was okay, it would be better on adding some sauce to it-which I suggest you do, tell them to make it spicy or sweet or tangy just the way you like and they will,

TAWA PULAO WITH PAV - This one comes recommended by my mom especially -a fusion of Mumbai's favorite Masala Pav with Tawa Pulao, extremely filling, flavorful, the little bits of pav in the middle of pulao really elevated the dish, MUST-HAVE,

PANEER BASKET -Gotta have this one too, filling rich baskets of paneer,cheese,loads of flavors, looks good and tastes even better, 

Most of the dishes here are fusion like this, but they do have comfort food on the menu too, the regular gravies and rotis and kulchas and naan and khichdi, so if that is your thing, go ahead, I am sure it will be fantastic,

Special mention to the desserts because I am 100% going back for these very soon, and I implore you-even if you become a sanyasi and give up food, do come here for the desserts (and invite me too :D)

DESSERT PLATTER is where they showcase 4-5 chosen desserts such as-

ORANGE RASGULLA - it is not just colored orange, it actually has fresh orange flavor and I bet nobody can have just one, moreover it is actually baked in a half orange shell, MUST HAVE to the infinity, only I know how I managed to not ask for another piece because I was already bursting from so much food!

Same goes for other desserts be it MALAI PAN, PERU RASMALAI, CHOCOLATE FUDGE..and I am sure they will be introducing more such innovations soon,

Creme De La Creme of the section is their icecreams- BOONDI LADOO, PURAN POLI are 2 flavors we had and I want these in my refrigerator to have everyday. If you love hatke ice cream flavors as much as I do,you will freak out over these flavors just like I did :D Hats off to the Chef!

We just had tasting portions of dishes but looking at the quality and normal quantity, it is not actually a very expensive place. Go here in a large group to try out more dishes, be it on the menu or off the menu. Can't wait for them to include all kinds of crazy fusion on the menu- think Idli burger, Maggi mousse or Khakra milkshake! THAT is the level of innovation they are thinking about :D All the best Ph se Foodies! Mulund has got a gem for sure :)

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