Wednesday 18 October 2017

Fusion Deliciousness Delivered | Firangi Bake Mumbai | Food Review & Recommendation

Perfect fusion food, that is how my sister would describe food from here :) Had a scrumptious lunch, shared it with my sister and 1 more office colleague, and everyone loved it so much they would definitely reorder from here. Firangi Bake is a new entrant offering desi twist to global bakes, basically contemporary fusion with Indian tadka. The menu is pretty limited for now, I hope they are planning to expand it in days to come :) Delivery was done on time and we really like the packaging-it is basic yet elegant. Prices seem to be on higher side at first glance but I was sent over 2 items to review and it was enough for 3 light eaters or 2 Hulks, so actually not pricey at all,

Now,coming to food, we started with Subz-E-Royal Pot Rice which, going by its name, should look like Biryani. But when we opened the package, it looked like Lasagna! When we dug in, it was very yummy, layer of cheese followed by layer of fragrant rice followed by layer of corn + jalapenos + green chillies + onions, all in a sweet-ish sauce-cheese mix, I LOVED it. It came accompanied with bread that were oh so soft buttery. Now my tastebuds always lean towards sweet things so this is good for me, but I would suggest to Firangi Bake folks to make it a bit spicy and introduce a kind of dip such as honey mustard or bbq alongside for those like my sister who love spicy things. Overall, I am very veryyy pleased with this twist on pot rice and with just a little kick of spices,this would be perfect :) 

Next up was Bombay Masala Quesadilla and this was a blockbuster for both my sister and office colleague. It was more like a puff/croissant with lovely crunchy outer, encasing soft masala patty and veggies mash inside, it actually felt smooth-like-silk texture wise and was very satisfactory to nosh on,

As those who have known me for long would attest, I am no gourmand, and so whether the dish be fusion,be it rustic, be it molecular gastronomy, whatever it is, if I remember the taste of the dish even 12 hours later then it is a winner for me and both the dishes here were winners for us. Reordering soon :)

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