Wednesday 11 October 2017

Desi Meals Delivered By BOX8 Mumbai | Vegetarian Lunch Meal Beverage Dessert | Food Review

Been ordering from many different outlets of Box8 since almost a year and half now and with just a few misses here and there,experience has been quite positive. So about 2 weeks ago,had a good feast at office with a colleague and again had a memorable meal :) Delivery was done on time, pricing quite good for complete meal based on both quantity and quality (and a major reason for their success,they are not exorbitant) and packaged in bright,colorful containers, quite spill proof and handy for having meals on the go.


We absolutely loved their Iced Tea and Masala Lemonade, both very refreshing, tangy just what we like the flavors as,

Superfit Paneer Salad was fantastic, with loads of jalapenos,olives, ice lettuce, paneer in tangy-sweet sauce, really great lunch option for 1 average eater, would be reordering it for sure,

We had chosen Mushroom-Spinach meal box which also had rice, rajma, onion-tomato salad and a piece of brownie, overall the flavors were nice and the box is big enough for a complete meal for anyone (even a hulk eater like me), but we felt that the rice was more in quantity than the gravy, please increase the rajma and veggie gravy portion to go well with the rice otherwise it feels a bit dry. Also brownie is okay, we expected Gulab Jamun and would prefer that to brownie actually,it was good but with these corrections it would be so much better and preferable :)

Oh now come the desserts and these actually get extra stars from me, because all 3 were fantastic-
Choco Lava -cannot miss this guys, so gooey and chocolatey and sinful, MUST-MUST-MUSTTTT HAVE,
Moong Dal Halwa- very verrrrry calorific but good to binge on once in a while :D
They have gotten a whole new range of ice creams, we had Tender Coconut and it was FANTABULOUS, will be reordering again and again :)

So overall very good meal with excellent beverages and desserts and paneer salad, all worthy of reordering, keep up the good work Box 8 :)

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