Friday 20 September 2019

Junos Pizza Ghatkopar Mumbai | Delicious Pizzas Overload | Food Review | Vegetarian Recommendation

What happens when hunger strikes at 10 PM? Call for a pizza, ofcourse.

Tried some delicious pizzas from Juno's yesternight and it was finger-licking amazing.

Delivery was done within half hour, pizzas were fresh and piping hot, 3 of us were full to the brim with two 8-inch and one 10-inch pizza, all within Rs. 1200, so quite value for money too.

We absolutely loved-

-FULL SMASH (8 inch)- THIN CRUST loaded with Capsicum, Onions, Olives, Mushrooms, Jalapenos and some green chillies. The thin crust deserves appreciation, I do not like the extremely thin papad-like crust and Juno's does not serve crust like that. It is crispy still wholesome. The toppings were also nicely spread, not too much nor too less. 

-EXOTICA (8 inch)- Again I ordered for THIN CRUST and am glad I did because this was an absolute WINNER. With abundant exotic veggies like Zucchini, Broccoli, Red & Yellow Peppers, Baby Corn, Olives and Mushrooms, what made it different was a mix of different herbs on top. So every bite was crunchy, wholesome, tangy, sweet, and an amalgamation of the best flavors you can imagine. MUST-TRY.

-PAPRIKA PANEER (10 inch)- Being a Paneer fanatic, it was mandatory to try this in THICK CRUST. Again, I do not like those deep dish thick crusts that are too bread-y or the ones that are too chewy. Here the crust is just delicious. Not chewy, not bread-y, very warm and soft and a delight to sink teeth into. With a good amount of Paneer, Red & Yellow Peppers, Capsicum & loads of Paprika, it was on the tangier side but delicious as well.

The best part about the pizzas, they already had the perfect amount of cheese, toppings and seasonings so we did not have to add anything else on top to make it lip-smacking. Absolutely loved each one of these.

-CHOCOLATE MOUSSE- Appropriately fluffy creamy and delicious, just like a good chocolate mousse should be. AND it came in a little cutting chai glass :) 

Juno's is one of my family's preferred pizza destinations time we will order in some pasta and salads too :) LOVE and Thumbs-up Recommendation.

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