Saturday 14 September 2019

Dirty Buns Mumbai | Softest Breads & Tastiest Tofu | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Normally I wouldn't give high praises to rolls/buns/baos, but then Dirty Buns is not just a buns and baos kind of place, it is a must-visit in all respects :)

The vibe is fresh and funky, ambiance is cool and relaxing. The whole deal here is to create an atmosphere where people could sit back, relax and get 'dirty'...while eating their meals wholeheartedly :D The menu has baos, rolls, starters such as fries, boat-load of drinks, desserts, all intended to enjoy from heart.

Chef Boo Kim has brought some very bold flavors to light. So when you choose your poison (beverage or food) here, you are choosing everything you desire multiplied by a hundred! I absolutely loved-

AVOCADO SALAD for the green and healthy lovers with lots of lettuce, orange fennel, avocados... tantalizing,

KUNG PAO TOFU ROLL, the absolute WINNER for me, softest melt-in-mouth silken tofu with similarly softest melt-in-mouth bread and ofcourse peanuts, soy chilli sauce enhancing the flavors here,

CRISPY GOCHUJANG TOFU BAO, normally I won't order in a tofu based dish twice but since Kung Pao Tofu was lip-smacking, tried this too and turns out this one is another winner. Same melt-in-mouth tofu but a little bit different thanks to cucumbers, scallions, kimchi dressing...

Honestly, am salivating just thinking about these! Each roll/bao is generously portioned and happily messy to eat, something we all ought to do more of.

In DESSERTS, LOVED CINNAMON ROLL PANCAKE. Again, pancake is not something I prefer anywhere but Dirty Buns is one place that can make you try and love everything you never thought possible :D MUST-MUST-MUSSSSSTTTTT TRY this :)

For adventurous taste buds, try COCONUT KAFFIR LIME PANNA COTTA, very strong kaffir lime and ginger flavors through the creamy panna cotta and the crunch of granola + chilli orange basil broth gives it the most unique inspiration. LOVED :)

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