Friday 15 February 2019

Drifters Tap Station BKC Mumbai | More Than Just Handcrafted Beer On Tap | Food Review

Even though I do not drink alcohol, I had an unexpectedly amazing time at Drifters with my sister, saying goodbye to the 1st month of this new year and that I think simplifies the question - 'who should visit here', with the resounding answer of 'Anyone and Everyone wanting to have some fun' :)

This is one special place for beer lovers with 24 handcrafted beers on tap. Spacious, situated in the ever-blooming BKC area, with industrial-kinda decor and high chairs, the vibe is completely chilled out. Peppy music, a comprehensive menu with Indian, Thai, Continental selection and top-notch service by delightfully polite and helpful staff. Prices seem reasonable for the location, quantity and quality. 

>>> We started by trying different kinds of beers in little shot glasses just to get a feel of the place. Now, I do not drink, so cannot explain the nuances of the beer we tasted. What I can say with supreme confidence is that if you are a beer lover you should surely check this place out. We tried-

KIKI PUNCH (Kokum Cider), this is the one I liked the most because of strong kokum flavor,
COCO-CALM (Coconut Saison Ale), just a hint of coconut, 
CITRONOVA (Lemongrass White IPA), on the bitter side,
PINNOCCHIO (Pina Colada Ale), fizzy, a little tropical hint

>>> SWEET CORN SOUP- We specially asked for this since my sister's throat was sore, this was warming to the heart with loads of veggies and minimal spices. 


STUFFED KULCHA BALLS- BEST of the evening, we asked for seconds! Little heavenly kulcha doughs filled with cheese, paneer, onions, mushrooms and baked in tandoor, try it, you would not want to share a single bit with anyone :D 

CRUMBED COTTAGE CHEESE- Cottage cheese sticks coated in batter and deep fried, so crunchy and soft at the same time, 

TANDOORI STUFFED MUSHROOMS- Button mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese and nicely marinated in spicy + creamy sauce, 

ACHARI SOYA CHAAP- Good for those who like mock meat kind of substitute. The texture here is reminiscent of mutton chaap I assume. I like Soya's texture (it is extremely meaty) so I was fine with it but my sister is not fond of soya so she didn't like it. Choose this one judiciously!

>>> MAINS 

TURKISH CASSEROLE- Think of it as Turkish version of Lasagna :D Nice. Mix of layers of tomatoes, broccoli, olives and such veggies with soya mince (meaty texture), spaghetti all in tomato based tangy-mildly spicy sauce and a thick layer of cheese, baked in oven. Sounds delicious? It IS!

PANEER LABABDAR with JODHPURI LACCHA PARATHA- Delicious mildly tangy-spicy tomato onion gravy, soft paneer pieces and Jodhpuri wholesome paratha with sesame seeds atop, licked the plate clean with this one!


CREAM CARAMEL - Delicious, soft wobbly custard with caramel, what is not to love! 

CREAM COCONUT WITH KIWI PINEAPPLE - Simple yet a MUST-HAVE. Layers of Kiwi, Pineapple and fresh Coconut Cream come together to make a light, sublime yet utterly satisfying end to a great meal. 

As I said earlier, I was wondering going in for this review session that what would a non-drinker like me get here? Turns out there is ample on the food front here to keep me happy for multiple visits. This hungry hippo happily recommends Drifters to drift in with friends and have a great time :)

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