Monday 15 October 2018

Faasos Navratri Special Royal Meal Review | Saatvik Vegetarian Spiritual Feast | Food Review

On occasion of Navratri, Faasos has come up with royal meals with dishes specific to navratri fasting,ingredients such as sabudana, singhada etc. taking the centre stage after a year long binge feast of pizzas and pastas :D For this review session, I tried their Royal Sabudana Khichdi Meal PLUS Singhada Aloo Paratha Meal. As always, delivery was dot on time, packaging was beautiful and quantity of each meal perfect for 1 hungry person making it value for money.

The meals had everything one would crave for-

SABUDANA KHICHDI- Delicious wholesome healthy mix of Sabudana, peanuts, little bit of coconut too, loved it completely. But quantity could be more. It felt less.

SPICY PANEER-This was semi-dry paneer pieces coated in spicy masala, it was extremely delicious and soft and fragrant, but again quantity was too less :(

SINGHADA ALOO PARATHA - These were 5/5. Delicious, generous portion, aloo was uniformly stuffed, could have had these alone, perfect for navratri or after keeping a vrat.

PANEER MAKHANWALA - Disappointing part of the meal for me. True to its name, it was paneer in makhani gravy but it had extreme amount of oil. It also had a predominantly tangy taste that I am not very fond of. The gravy is supposed to be rich (yes, even without using onions it is possible to make creamy rich gravy) but I basically found it tooooo oily and that was a turnoff. Paneer pieces and taste was decent.

HARE TAMATAR KI SABJI- Tangy gravy of green tomatoes, actually a bit too tangy, but went well with khichdi and dahi, brought a new tinge of flavor to otherwise bland-ish taste. Liked it :)

DAHI- Best thing about Faasos meals, their dahi is really good, not sour at all, appropriately thick and cooling. Need it to really detox. Its quantity was too much :P They could decrease its quantity a bit and increase paneer's quantity and then it would be perfect :D

SABUDANA KHEER- Simple end to a fasting meal, just the way we make it at home. Loved it. Nothing hi-fi, just wholesome homely goodness.

Overall a little tweaking in quantity in each meal (and reducing oil content plus tanginess in gravy) would make it perfect, taste wise it was  all very good and led to a happy burrp by this hungry hippo :D 

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