Sunday 6 May 2018

Wok Express R City Ghatkopar Mumbai | Food Review | Delicious Indian-Chinese | Asian Delicacies

Situated in R City Mall food court, I had seen Wok Express but this was the first time I tried food from here. Had a large parcel for take away and since this was a review session, we tried almost everything available for vegetarians :D Special shout-out to the staff who were all extremely quick on their feet,very helpful and suggested dishes that went well with each other. Quite value for money considering hearty portions. 1 starter and 1 Wok is more than enough for a really heavy Hulk level eater like me! Packaging was very secure too and food was made piping hot.

In drinks, I personally liked the refreshing MINTY MOJITO while my sister thought STRAWBERRY MOJITO was decent, too much ice in both but flavor wise good. Star however was SALTED CARAMEL that we couldn't have enough of, such beautiful coffee/caramel flavor profile. Also, they have boba balls in these bubble drinks but you can ask them not to put that in. I do not like those (they are chewy like gummy bears,not something I like) so I got Salted Caramel and Minty Mojito without them :) 

I have to say that their Sushi, Dumplings, Appetizers section is near perfect for me and I actually prefer it to woks. Tried VEG CRYSTAL DUMPLING and it was really good, actually not expected it to be this good, flavorful, exterior was decently thin, enjoyed it. 

Same with CRISPY TEMPURA ROLL Sushi, I actually finished the whole box myself, not the best Sushi ever had but really delicious and value for money, despite that irritating mayo strip on top :P Gourmet Sushi costs a bomb but this one is amazing at less than half the price,so binge on.

From appetizers, everything is as expected and described in the menu. 

KUNG PAO POTATO was flavorful, sweet-spicy,

CRISPY WATER CHESTNUT was crunchy, more on spicy side,

SCHEZWAN PANEER had nice wholesome paneer chunks in mildly spicy medley,

PEPPER GARLIC PANEER was fiery hot, both pepper and garlic coming through in every spoonful, follow this one with a bubble drink I say :D

In main course, staff suggested ASSORTED VEGETABLES & PANEER IN BURNT CHILLI SAUCE along with HONG KONG HAKKA NOODLES and we are glad we went with them. Easily the best main course combo for me, the veg-paneer combo was lipsmacking while hakka noodles were loaded with veggies thus making it crunchy. Enough portion for 2 hungry hulks!

In Woks, we chose 3-

GREEN THAI CURRY WITH STEAMED RICE - this was not good at all, rice was not properly cooked, thai curry flavor was very weak, 

RED CHILLI PEPPER WITH RAMEN NOODLES - hot, spicy, a bit too oily, but overall gave that typical Indian-chinese feel that we want from our noodles, loaded with veggies like carrots, broccoli, onions,

KUNG PAO WITH RAMEN NOODLES -sweet and spicy, looked a lot like the red chilli pepper combo, again loaded with veggies, lipsmacking in the traditional Indian-chinese way,

When it comes to Woks, I had tried wok from other outlets of Wok Express earlier but did not like them, I think they have improved a lot now, the woks here give that ultimate satisfaction that an Indian-chinese lover in India wants-noodles and sauces dripping with spice, sweetness et al. There should be no thought of how much oil has been used or how many calories are being consumed :P Obviously,not a place for health freaks. The Green Thai Curry wok fiasco might have been a one off thing.

For dessert, go with ALMOND BRITTLE and in layman terms, it is just like Chikki, so obviously really tasty :)  

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