Tuesday 8 May 2018

The Clearing House Ballard Estate Mumbai | Food Review | Food Photography | Weekend Brunch Fiesta

Had a wonderful brunch experience on a saturday couple of weeks ago here. Rare to see such a spacious and elegant dining space in Mumbai. The ambiance and service levels justify fine-dine, staff is exemplary, menu is choc-a-bloc with healthy classics as well as innovative dishes that set the standards of presentation quite high too. Since we were here in the afternoon, we enjoyed the outer sun-lit dining space but next time we would love to come here for dinner and enjoy the elegant inner lounge. Wouldn't complain about high prices considering every facet of hospitality here is top-notch.

For weekend brunches, the menu has a lot of choices for both veggies and non-veggies and portion of every dish is good too, we absolutely loved everything we tried-


Orange and Carrot, 
Melon + Pear + Apple, 
Avocado and Chocolate, 

None of the smoothies were loaded with any artificial flavors or sugar, it was all extremely refreshing, delicious and healthy. Being a chocolate fanatic, Avocado & Chocolate was my favorite.

>>In DRINKS, my sister loved-

LIVING THE DREAM -Aperol, Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Ginger (strong, on the bitter side)

SUMMER LOVE- Vodka, Pomegranate, Green Apple (refreshing for summers)

>>Our absolute FAVORITE section was SALAD, each ingredient shined on the plate, we couldn't get enough of-

ASPARAGUS + GREEN APPLE = Shaved fennel, water chestnuts, low fat yoghurt dressing (crunchy, light)

RED QUINOA + ROASTED CAULIFLOWER = Dry cranberry, crispy onion, tahini vinaigrette (filling, wholesome)

AVOCADO + CRANBERRY = Baby spinach, orange poppy seed dressing (I do not like leafy salads but this one was legen-wait-for-it-dary level of good thanks to the mildly tangy dressing, MUST-HAVE!)

>>From APPETIZER section, we liked-

SPINACH CORN QUESEDILLA = Jalapeno sour cream, guacamole (healthy, spinach lovers must try this)

POUTINE = Crispy fries,onion mushroom gravy (the only reason we ordered this was because it was mentioned in an episode of Modern Family :D Huge portion of fries with mushroom, onions, tomatoes medley, something interesting)


70% CHOCOLATE NAMELAKA = Chocolate sorbet, chocolate ginger soil, dehydrated chocolate mousse, jaggery caramel (gluten free) (My FAVORITE, chocolate overload but not extra or artificially sweet, the dense cocoa flavor enveloped the palate, loved loved looooooved)

PASSION FRUIT CREME BRULEE CHEESECAKE = Blackberry compote, mango gel (my sister loves cheesecake and she said it was decent, it had a top burnt layer that gave a very egg-y feeling so I did not like it much but she finished it in a jiffy, so :D)

HONEY FLAN = Fresh figs, homemade granola, sour cherry, balsamic reduction (sugar free, gluten free) (my sister said this was one of the BEST DESSERTS EVER, very light, creamy, mix of tangy, crunchy, lovely flavors, MUST-HAVE)

Would certainly be back, fantastic place to get transported to another world right in the middle of this concrete jungle :)

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