Monday 14 May 2018

Healthylicious Powai Mumbai | Vegetarian Vegan Jain Healthy Fiesta | Food Review

Healthylicious = union of healthy + delicious. Have had food from their ghatkopar outlet sometime last year and loved it. Fresh, healthy, flavorful, simple, refreshing, not at all heavy or oily, full of nutrients, ingredients like brown rice, loads of veggies and fruits, what is not to love :) Tried some of their offerings from Powai outlet recently and loved it all too. Priced a bit higher but cannot complain keeping in mind the health quotient. 

Ordered in a couple of times from them at office and had a poor delivery experience but it could be a one off thing. I would still go ahead and recommend to try their salads, sandwiches and cold pressed juices. Good thing is that when you see their menu,it is clearly labelled with what all ingredients are there and what is the advantage of that dish be it 'diabetic friendly' or 'heart friendly' or 'instant energy' and so on

Here is what we tried for review-

CHILLING EFFECT - Cucumber, Iceberg Lettuce, Rocket Leaves, Peppers, Celery, Parsley, Orange Dressing - tangy, very refreshing, perfect for mornings, very light and thankfully no excessive presence of rocket leaves :) 

EAT IT - My sister's favorite- had Muesli, Bananas, Pineapple and some icebreg lettuce with curd dressing, this is what a good breakfast should taste like, powerpacked start to the day, 

NUTS & ME- For those with Indian palate, go for this boiled Chana + Peanuts + Onions + Tomatoes combo with chaat masala/aamchoor based accompaniment, very desi chaat feels! This one is also the heaviest salad since it is full of proteins which we all know, fills us up really well and for a long time. So I suggest this one for a filling yet healthy lunch or heavy snack.

THAT'S COOL - MY FAVORITE, Nachos with Avocado Dip, tasty and extremely cooling on stomach, especially for these summers, MUST-HAVE from my side.

PUNCH OF MUNCH - Papaya, Apple, Feta Cheese, Iceberg Lettuce with Balsamic dressing, salad with a zing, decent flavors, basic but good :)

We only tried VEG EXOTIC WRAP with veggies such as peppers, cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes + cucumber in low fat mayo dressing in a whole wheat wrap. It tasted extremely delicious and was the 'heaviest' dish of the lot (did not leave our stomach feeling heavy at all but in comparison to all the salads that were so light, it was definitely heavier). Really loved it. However, some days later, we ordered it in at office and that wrap we had felt very stale and we had to throw it away. So not sure if the quality of wraps remains constant or not. The one we had for review was superb.

CORN DELIGHT = Corn + Spinach + peppers and herbs, 
BEET IT = Mainly beetroot based with tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cucumbers in the mix too, 

Both sandwiches were excellent, loved the fragrant soft bread, ample filling, tasty yet delicious, will reorder for sure.

ITALIAN HERBED BROWN RICE - Brown rice with bell peppers, kidney beans, sweet corn, paneer and herbs and cooling yogurt based accompaniment too, brown rice is acquired taste but this one is really delicious, sure it is different from white rice and feels a bit on drier side but try it, it is much healthier and does not give lethargic feeling (that we get after binge-eating white rice)

FLUSH- Cucumber, Carrot, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger, great for stomach, tangy, 
ENERGIZER- Papaya, Mash Melons, Mint, Pineapple, Parsley, instant energy, my sister liked this one more while I liked flush more. 

I loved POPEYE'S DELIGHT with Spinach being the main ingredient along with Kolum Rice, Spring Onions, Tomatoes, Leeks to give it a wholesome mini-meal feel, 
My sister loved GOLDEN PEARL which is Corn based with Peppers, Parsley and Macaroni added,

Both soups did not taste at all like any other powdered flavored soups we get in market, different and tasty, 

Overall, here food is true to the ingredients list, there is very little meddling done with their flavors and for the most part, they 100% succeed with the taste + health motto of theirs. 

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