Saturday 3 February 2018

Bowl O' Italy Italian Food Home Delivery | Vegetarian Cheesy Delicacies | Food Review

From the good folks behind Juno's Pizza in Mumbai (one of the best pizza chains ever), comes Bowl O' Italy, specializing in home delivery of scrumptious Italian feast (pizzas, pasta et al) and it is so worth it! Had a chance to try some delicacies from here and loved every bit of it. 

Portions are really good and complete value for money, 1 pasta is enough for a heavy lunch/dinner even for a hulk foodie like me. Delivery was done dot on time by a very polite delivery guy, thumbs up. Packaging is secure, simple, spill proof and enough oregano/chilli sachets accompany the food to bring extra tadka for Indian palate :)

Starting off with Cheesy Garlic Bread and Garlic Bread Supreme, both the versions are must-have for garlic bread lovers, there is generous amount of cheese as well as mushrooms and cream-cheese in supreme version (my personal favorite!)

For dessert (especially for those with sweet jaws like me), Dense Chocolate Brownie is a personal recommendation. My sister found it a bit dry but honestly, she is not a dessert person at all and has brownies exclusively with ice cream, so really ignore her :P I loved it. It was dense and full of chocolate chips, perfect for a sweeeeeet ending to lovely Italian meal.

Now for the important part, right between starters and dessert :D The meal! We had 4 types of pasta, it was a complete meal for my entire family of 4. We had-

Fusilli in Red Sauce (Spicy Arabiatta)- Had a homely feel, liked it. Usually I do not like red sauce much, but this was real good balance of wholesome and spicy, loads of veggies too.

Penne in Mellow Mushroom (Mushroom Ragout flavored with Basil and Garlic)- Exclusively for mushroom lovers (I am a mushroom lover!) It is dense, very calorific, real heavy mushroom flavor in every bite, yummy!

Penne in Basil Pesto (Basil leaves blended with Parmesan Cheese, Garlic and Nuts) - Another heavy flavor and my favorite of the bunch. I simply adore the heavy freshness of basil, melded with denseness of cheese and mild crunchiness of nuts. For me, this one is repeat order worthy. If you love basil pesto flavor, this one will be a must-order for you. 

Spaghetti in White sauce (Signature Thick Creamy Sauce tossed with Cheese and Veggies)  - This one is called kids' favorite and rightly so. Easily the most likeable and popular sauce, this one is an instant classic. When you think of pasta and cheese, this gooey delicacy is what you would love. Order it if you are not sure of which flavor to order :D 

Pasta was perfectly done, there was ample amount of veggies and cheese in each version and each one is fit for re-ordering. They have taken authentic Italian preparations and made it a bit more tuned to Indian tastebuds which just makes eating it all that much more satisfying. My family recommends Bowl O' Italy heartily :)

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