Sunday 25 February 2018

Beauty Review | Vichy Ideal White Meta Whitening Sleeping Mask | Luxury Beauty Brand | Lifestyle Fashion Beauty Blogger

Whitening is a controversial subject matter in India. Well, for me, whitening is more of a brightening effect where skin becomes less pigmented, more even-toned, less tanned. For this effect, I have tried many products as I do need even-toned skin having never used sunscreen all through my school and college years! 

Vichy Ideal White Meta Whitening Sleeping Pack is what I tried recently on my dry, sensitive, acne-prone, uneven toned skin. Vichy is famed for using minerals-rich spring water in its products that deliver a host of benefits to skin. So I was pretty excited to use this product.

Ingredients list contains a host of chemicals and I was actually scared looking at that, trying to pick out natural ingredients and then I gave up. Packaging is simple and cute but the jar does not seem travel friendly since it is made of glass. Claims include revealing rosy, dewy-white, flawless skin; skin would be moisturized, even-toned, healthy and it is even suited to sensitive skin. Quantity is very good and it lasts 2 months even if used everyday since only a little amount is needed every time.

My sister bought it for me from Amazon for around Rs. 4000 and it is definitely a very expensive product since it is a world renowned luxury brand.
The first time I opened the jar, I loved the look of the mask. It is a pretty pink color with beads in it which start melting when applied on face and then get absorbed with the pink cool gel. It feels light and I did a little massage every time I applied it. It did not give any adverse reaction on my complicated and sensitive skin. It felt a bit greasy so I was afraid of allergic reaction. But no redness, no rashes, no sensitivity, no acne at all!

But still, I did not like to keep it on my face throughout the night so I washed it after 3 hours and that way it did not do much on my skin. Then I started applying it as a mask for longer hours (around 6-7 hours) and then washed it off and then went to sleep to wake up to plumped up skin. Skin feels softer, smoother and there is a nice glow on skin too. But NO WHITENING! After all the claims about it being a whitening pack, I expected dramatic decrease in my pigmentation on chin and forehead especially but to no avail. It was a good face pack otherwise but not at all for whitening.

  • Luxury Beauty Brand
  • Feels luxurious on skin
  • Makes skin soft, smooth, radiant
  • Plumps up skin,makes it look younger
  • Suits sensitive skin too
  • Soothes skin, feels healing
  • Lasts a long time since little quantity needs to be applied each time
  • Can be used everyday by dry skin

  • Oily/Combination skin will feel greasy when used everyday
  • Expensive
  • Not easily available, try Amazon
  • Did NO whitening/de-pigmenting action on my skin
Recommended- YES and NO. Yes if you want a good face pack for softer, smoother, refined, plumped up skin. NO if you want whitening. Rating is 3.5/5.

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