Wednesday 22 November 2017

Pizza-Waffle Festival Tea Trails | Healthy Deliciousness | Food Review | Food Photography

Having never been a big tea fan (I know,I know,what a thing to say for an Indian :P) I had no idea about the huge,complex world of tea, with so many varieties, so many different ways of preparation, so many health boosting properties..Tea is so much more than Chai that we usually love, there is white tea, black tea, green tea..and real tea, the one brewed from tea leaves is so much different from the packaged one, and no, green tea is not supposed to taste like poison! It is facts like these that boggles one's mind when one goes to a place like Tea Trails. I have already been to their Fort outlet for a blogger's table about 2 years ago and been to this outlet too once before, and was very glad to have had the opportunity to be enlightened about the world of teas and how these guys have tried to bring it to life via different kinds of offerings in their outlets. So now that they have come up with a pizza and waffle festival this month, my sister and I landed up here again for a review invite happily :)

It is very near the railway station and on the main station road itself, just walk straight keeping the railway station on your right. The cafe has a nice vibe with cheerful ambiance, elegant pictures on the wall, comfortable spacious seating (indoors as well as outdoors) and ofcourse a nice menu with tea as beverages, mocktails and even incorporated in food. Oh, there is free wi-fi too :D 

We started with DETOX TISANE which has a healing touch with Turmeric Root, Ginger Root and other such spices and herbs-really good for liver and kidneys. 

Followed this with MATCHA GREEN TEA which is a specialty Japanese tea with more antioxidants and nutrients than normal Green Tea, it tastes like a herbal concoction, very slightly on bitter side, perfect for health conscious folks.

My sister had COLD COFFEE as she is a coffee fanatic and said that this was just decent, it was colder than she wanted and there were too many ice pieces, if they make it creamier it would be better.

Mom had KULHAD CHAI which had the nice rustic flavor she wanted, thumbs up for this. Well, this is Tea Trails and they have got tea making art perfected in every way :)

Another recommendation is BETTER WIFE mocktail, this one my sister loved, it had nice, subdued fruity flavors, not too much added sugar or flavors :) 

Coming to the main event-Pizzas and Waffles, we went blindly with the staff's suggestion and are so glad because both pizzas were FABULOUS-5 STARS EACH for the pizzas :) PANEER TIKKA PIZZA had juicy paneer pieces, jalapenos, capsicum and tomatoes, a smattering of pudina chutney on top along with balanced cheese and smokey tomato sauce on thin crispy base. Overall, fantastic. 

MEXICAN PIZZA again had the same thin crispy base with generous cheese, bell peppers, jalapenos, olives and herbs, extremely flavorful. We could not finish both pizzas and got them packed, dad had them at home after 2 hours, so obviously they had gone stone cold BUT he could not stop raving about them even then and wants to come here for having these pizzas piping hot. That should explain how good these are :)

Coming to waffles, we had BROWNIE WAFFLE and MEGA FRUITY WAFFLE. Both were decent, liked Brownie one a bit more because it had lip-smacking amount of chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, flavor of brownies, garnish nuts and with ice cream alongside, really realllllly good. Fruity waffle had delicious assortment of fruits i.e. bananas, apples, strawberries sliced on top but by the time we reached the waffle underneath, it was really reallllllly hard. Needs to be much softer. Flavor wise both were good but I prefer chocolate any day :)

Final roll-call was provided by lip-smacking Dutch Truffle pastry with real Belgian Chocolate indulgence, so gooey, so sinful, definitely coming back for this (along with the pizzas and teas) :D

Staff was polite and efficient, service was a little slow in the beginning but then picked up pace so no complaints eventually, prices are reasonable for the experience and quality and it is definitely a place to relax for a long time with loved ones, having some healthy + delicious grub :) 

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