Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Hyderabad Xpress Oshiwara | Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani & More | Food Review

Some awesome Biryani places coming up for us foodies right now and Hyderabad Xpress is another name that stands out in this food genre for us calories lovers :D Gone are the days when restaurants would serve Veg Pulao with an overdose of Kevda essence and Elaichi to call it Biryani! Time for some authentic Biryani to take centrestage, even in Veg versions. Me and 3 of my office colleagues tries these items from here for review-

Apolo Paneer starter- Soft paneer slices,coated and fried, felt like having a sort of mild paneer manchurian, very Indo-chinese feeling, really liked it, lip-smacking,

Veg Biryani - Long fragrant Basmati, spiced up, veggies layered nicely, all spices easily discernible, very close to homely authentic Biryani I expect. Raita and Salan alongside made it even better, cannot complain on any front :)

Paneer 65 Biryani - Unanimous recommendation from everyone. Even non-veggies LOVED this one to the hilt. An Indo-chinese fusion to traditional Biryani, here the layer of rice was followed by a layer of delicious paneer cubes in spicy 65 coating-so yeah,you know those delicious chicken/paneer 65 starters you have? Imagine that adding to the deliciousness of an already pretty cool authentic Biryani. Will definitely reorder :)

Double ka Meetha - Another must-have. A decadent take on Shahi Tukda, this one was actually closer to Mawa Kalakand...honestly one of the dishes where I am lost for words on how to describe it, just order it and do not worry about 5000 calories inside :D *Salivating uncontrollably thinking about it *

Quantity was fantastic, 3 really hungry Hippo level eaters were stuffed in 1 starter and 2 Biryanis, so order accordingly! Flavors shone through in every dish, packaging was spill proof, delivery done on time, value for money in all respects and worth reordering from :) 

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