Wednesday 5 July 2017

The Caravan Menu | Royal Barbecue Buffet Feast Recommendation | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Caravan is all about traveling and making memories. And The Caravan Menu is all about a culinary journey through food from all over the world, making delicious memories with family and loved ones. Coming from the same dedicated team that has brought us stalwarts like Family Tree and Mantraa, The Caravan Menu is where we celebrated dad's birthday last week and our family is looking forward to coming back here again soon, especially because my dad loves barbeque and this is his favorite barbeque place in Mumbai-Thane area now :)

Situated very close to highway, it is impossible to miss, especially at night with neon-lighted caravan at ground floor, welcoming us inside where we took the elevator but we can also take the winding stairs adorned with pictures and quotes up to the 2nd floor, with inside + outside seating. Extremely spacious, the interiors are quirky + comfortable, colourful drapes, upholstery, knick-knacks of books, different vintage luggage bags, it really does resemble a caravan. Staff is extremely kind and helpful, ensuring a good time for everyone. And the food ofcourse is the icing on the cake. The whole experience warrants multiple visits and at such reasonable prices, why won't we come back indeed.

Food is what a Hulk like me wants and what we get here is one step ahead of what we expect. Mostly,we expect barbeque/buffet places to have excellent starters,so-so main course and decent desserts. Here though every course is excellent, dishes are varied, there are around 10 live counters serving everything from pizzas,biryani,sushi to dimsums,chaats and jalebis! Cannot name every dish on offer here,it is HUUUUGE selection, just be assured that everything we tried was absolutely delicious, no compromises on quality made at any level and they have dishes such as Sandesh in dessert that are not available at other usual buffets,so SCORE :D

Live barbeque grill on our table started off the round of starters with Paneer, Mushrooms, Watermelon, Corn and Kebabs vying for attention, marination done perfectly,we loved the smokey flavors. Accompanied with Mango and Strawberry Mocktails + Fresh Lime Soda, we enjoyed incoming feast of Crunchy Corn, Cheesy Potato Skin, Dahi ke Kebab (my favorite) and Schezwan Crispy Vegetables too. Before we could take a breath,we had Sev Puri and Pani Puri on our table and this Pani Puri was so perfectly balanced in sweet + sour + spicy flavors that we had 2 more rounds! Brilliant stuff.

Among the main course,I distinctly remember wholesome Pyaaz Pakoda Kadi, sublime Veg Mushroom & Baby Corn Fried Rice, flavorful mildly spicy Veg Dumplings in Mongolian Sauce, my favorites soft & dense Paneer ke Kofte, fantastic layered Veg Lasagne, killer good Herb Potato Mash, simple yet stunning Aloo-Tamatar ki Tari along with Baby Naan (on mom's request) & Tandoori Roti (Dad & me)- it was a relief to not have generic main course dishes and such a special spread. Would have tried everything else if had more stomachs :P

My sister being a pasta fanatic could not give up the chance to try Penne in White Sauce, a bit on the sweeter side though, you can always get it customized as per your preference, we loved it as it is, so creamy and dense, it was a delight. Veg Dim Sums were good too (could have bit more veggies),as were Veg Sushi, just don't expect anything masterchef level, this is quite commendable and we liked them,and for most people, this would be gourmet enough. No complaints :)

Oh the desserts, the section I dream about :D Not an overwhelming selection but enough to satiate even a Hulk like me, thumbs up. 

Heartily recommend Gulab Jamun, 

Phirni (not very sweet,just about right),

Gajar Ka Halwa (been a while since had these!), 

Chocolate Mousse (melt in mouth), 

Chocolate Brownie (these have to be among the BEST EVER, dense and dark), 

Double Berry Custard (felt homely and comfortable), 

Kiwi Chenna Sandesh (knocked this one out of the park,we are BFF now :D) and piping hot Jalebi with Rabdi (divine combination,enough said)

Phew! That was one royal feast,won't you think? And how can I forget the big surprise they gave to dad by bringing out a birthday cake and singing happy birthday to him at the end of our meal! The staff is always ready to listen to suggestions on what to improve and they are also bringing a lot of novel items to the ambiance as well as menu in days to come. So obviously we are already planning our next family outing here too, The Caravan Menu is here to entice everyone.

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