Monday 10 July 2017

Sing With Happiness For Oye Kiddan Mumbai | Punjabi Paratha Feast | Food Review

These guys make one of the best parathas around :) Coming from North India where I have grown up having calorie rich, delicious parathas lathered in butter, along with other rich foods, sometimes here in Mumbai also we wanna get the same taste (and people in Mumbai would know how difficult it is to get authentic apne Punjab ka swaad, it is rare!)

These guys make authentic, generously portioned, deliciously stuffed rich punjabi parathas, it is impossible to stop saying yummmmmmmy on eating these :D My sister loves parathas from here and keeps ordering from here, I recently tried their Aloo Paratha and Cheese Corn Capsicum Paratha, that come accompanied with butter, pickle and dahi. Flawless. 

Absolutely rich, this warrants a 4 hour trip to the gym, but hey folks, this is exactly how Punjabi parathas are supposed to be :D Delivery done super fast and prices extremely value for money considering the quality and quantity. Happy Burrps all around :)

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