Monday, 15 May 2017

Summer Fiesta Festival At Barbeque Nation Mumbai | Family Favorite | Food Review

Barbeque Nation has been a favorite with our family ever since we first visited them on my mom's birthday 2 years ago (their Worli outlet) and had the most fabulous experience :) We loved the food, the ambiance and most importantly, the endearing warm service. Since then, we have been to various Barbeque Nation outlets thrice more and every single time their food and service has been fantabulous. So we landed here with family for their Summer Fiesta,and yes, they exceeded all our expectations once more :)

The outlet is pretty spacious and geared to give everyone a homely feel,the staff is always happy to dance for those who have their birthday or any other special occasion (and you get a free cake too!) Service is fast with exceedingly polite and attentive staff, eager to take feedback and make every customer's visit special. Cannot praise them enough! Food is divided into starters & barbecue grilled items that are served on the table, followed by main course (mostly Indian) buffet laid out to choose from, salads and then a lovely dessert spread with multiple Kulfi flavors, ice creams, pastries, gulab jamun, phirni and so on. It is actually impossible to taste everything so pick and choose :P The starters are the star but I find the main course and dessert also pretty awesome and make this place quite value for money in my opinion. Don't go here thinking of exotic global gourmet dishes or fine dining, this is good food at a very down to earth level, just the kind a normal Indian family loves on a day out.

Right now, they have incorporated many special dishes for the Summer Fiesta. We started off with Sweet Lime Soda, Chaas, Jaljeera, all of them exceedingly refreshing and recommended (they also have Rooh Afza!). Then the starters made their appearance - skewers of juicy Mushroom Tandoori, melt in mouth Paneer Tikka, Pineapple Tikka, Corn on the Cob, each one marinated perfectly, just a few minutes on the grill needed. We especially loved Veg cutlets, crunchy Corn and Cajun Spicy Potatoes that kept coming till we were ready to burst :P

My mother checked out the chaat section thereafter with Mumbai Chowpatty style chaats (sev puri,dahi puri,pani puri etc.) to be savored while my dad and I landed at the main course section. Noodles, Paneer gravy, Dal Tadka, Fried Rice aside, what caught our fancy was Gatte ki Sabji and Kathal ki Biryani, not dishes one usually finds on menu! Everything tasted good and we even had a watermelon + mint gazpacho which was decent, a bit too sweet in my opinion. Gatte ki sabji though was brilliant and easily my favorite while my sister munched happily on the noodles. A good salad section also provided me with lovely apple salad with coleslaw, yum yum :D

When it comes to the dessert section, going straight to the vast Kulfi Nation section is a must. They have some new flavors such as mango, jamun, goa chilli, along with old favorites of Malai, Kesar Pista, each one superlative. So creamy, so authentic, so full of real flavors, loved each one we tried here and it was with great difficulty that we tore ourselves away to do justice to everything else, including Cut Fresh Fruits, bite-sized chocolate pastry, brownie, mango mousse with chilli, Phirni, heavenly halwa and an array of Ice Creams (Creamy goodness)!

Walk in, relax with family/friends, indulge in some happy conversations, let the staff take care of you, eat, drink, eat some more, talk some more and walk out happy. That's how things are done at Barbeque Nation and that is why it is my family's favorite. This is a place we go to dine together and we always come out feeling full not only of food but of happiness and good memories :)

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