Thursday 9 March 2017

Sindhful | Fantastic Sindhi Cuisine | Food Review | 5 Star Recommendation

It is really puzzling how I managed to go to a college with overwhelming Sindhi population, yet never had the chance to taste even a single Sindhi dish! Spent more than a decade in Mumbai and yet only ever heard about the marvellous flavors of Sindhi delicacies like Dal Pakwan *sigh*

But thanks be to the Lords of food bloggers that Sindhful kindly extended a review invitation for me to finally partake in an excellent meal that I cannot wait have over & over. Food that tastes just like a loving grandma made it, Sindhful provides authentic Sindhi delicacies at quite value for money price points, mainly in a home delivery format but now they have added a very cute small seating area too which can seat 8 guests comfortably at one time :) Staff is very prompt, the seating area is lit up like a dreamland in evenings, I recommend all foodies make a trip here as soon as possible.

We started off with cooling Chaas that came in these cute milk bottles, the traditional way of ensuring proper digestion paving way for a veritable feast,

Started off with Tikra i.e. Sindhi Phulka pieced fried until golden crisp topped with Sindhi Masala, this one is perfect snack item anytime of the day (not to mention an ingenious way of using leftover phulkas, or so my mom mused :D) 

Up next was the very famous Dal Pakwan i.e. Chana Dal cooked in Sindhi Masalas served with authentic Sindhi Crispy FlatBread and a Tangy Chutney, this dish tasted as legendary as we expected it to, very wholesome, it actually felt like a chaat item that we could have day & night and not get bored at all :)

We also loved Green Seyal Pav i.e. Pav with authentic Sindhi Green Masalas, a bit on the spicier side with pav actually tasting like soft paneer chunks, 

Another legendary item is Chole Pattice with Pav and Chutney i.e. Chatpata Chana Dal stuffed Aloo Pattice topped with Sindhi Chole and served with Pavs and Tangy Chutney, just like Dal Pakwan, this one is an explosion of flavors, an item one can never get bored of,

For those really wanting to wade deep into the feeling of being fed by a grandma, best choice is Sindhi Curry Chawal i.e. Indian Vegetables cooked in a tempered Tomato Besan Curry served with Steamed Rice and Aloo Tuk, a little tangy, with inclusion of seasonal vegetables, this is one nutritious feast,

A special mention to Aloo Tuk i.e. Crispy Deep Fried Flattened Potato Wedges sprinkled with Sindhi Masalas, another perfect snack item like Tikri :).

For fans of Nadir (lotus stem) like my mom is, go for Bhee Tikki i.e. Chatpata Lotus Stem (Bhee) and Potatoes Tikki with a hint of Pudina; it has a judicious balance between spices and dense texture to provide wholesome foodie experience,

And after everything is done, go blindly for Sev Barfi, a traditional Sindhi Dessert, this one tastes like Kalakand or Milk Cakes and is extremely rich, heaven for someone with sweet jaw like me! 

This is my first foray into Sindhi food and such a brilliant introduction deserves to be applauded since my mom, my sister and myself are never going to pass up an opportunity to try Sindhi delicacies at every chance we get :) Keep up the good work Sindhful!

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