Tuesday 14 March 2017

Above & Beyond | Hidden Gem Mumbai | Perfect Food | Review & Recommendation

Above & Beyond brings a food delectable food destination in an area with not many good options worth checking out, and its lively ambiance, superbly polite & efficient staff as well as delicious food at very reasonable prices ensures that we will visit here again :)

We started off with Cheese Garlic Bread, a bit more garlic flavor would make this perfect but it was delicious nonetheless,

For my sister's sore throat, the lovely combination of chocolate & coffee in piping hot Cafe Mocha was a health remedy in itself while I was delighted by the tangy creamy milkshake-like consistency of Mix Berry Smoothie that was not at all icy cold like smoothies at most other places, 


For mains, we started with one of the best pasta ever in the form of Pasta Alfredo Penne with Broccoli, Mushrooms and Bell Peppers where the proportion of cheese and veggies was just right to make it lip smacking, we cannot wait to come back here just for this,

Being an utter pizza lover,my sister decided to try out half and half flavors of Water Chestnut-Artichoke & Cottage Cheese-Bell Peppers and it was absolutely smashing, again the proportion of toppings & cheese was bang on;

The staff very kindly suggested us to try Oven Baked Jerk Potato Wedges and Sundried Tomato Polenta Square, a cheesy preparation, very dense and calorific, this should be accompanied with soda of some kind :D Definitely not what a diet conscious person would order but hey,hulks like us won't stop without licking the plate clean!

Even though we were full by now, we were tempted by the dessert section and tried out 2 deserts, both extraordinary- very veryyy sinful Smooth & Silk Chocolate Cake as well as mousse-like Mango Baked Yoghurt, wouldn't mind having these for breakfast,lunch and dinner :D A 100 gold stars for these alone!

Watch out Mahakali, Above & Beyond is here to stay :)

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