Wednesday 21 December 2016

Maximum Fun At MRP Dadar | Desi Tadka Menu Tasting Session | Food Review

Been hearing about MRP as a cool chilling place for the young crowd, so was happy to get an invite for tasting their desi tadka menu, with a plethora of dishes with desi twist,from salads to baos and main courses. It is situated at literally 3 minutes walk from Dadar central station, 10 steps beside Grandmama's - already a landmark in the area and one of my most favorite places ever. MRP has its own unique ambiance which is definitely inviting for the young crowd. Pretty spacious, greened-up, full of games and nostalgia. Quirky infographics and quotes adorn the wall, comfortable seating all around, Taboo and a slew of card games and what not. The menu is pretty cool too with a dominant Asian theme with contemporary twists. 

We tried out some nice vegetarian dishes, sent as part of a set menu for our consideration. First off was Crispy Thread Cottage Cheese, pretty decent in itself and fantastic in conjunction with the sweet and spicy dips alongside. Same goes for Broccoli on skewers (forgot the name of this dish) which was good enough on its own, better with dips. 

We loved the Crackling Spinach, easily our first favorite of the evening, lovely crunch and sweet-spicy flavors mixing together for an explosion of flavors. 

I am not a pizza addict myself but won't say no to something good and cheesy coming my way :D Paneer Coca was actually pretty good, it had a very crispy and thin base and lovely malai paneer chunks with decent amount of cheese, nice dish to have with friends over a couple of drinks I say! 

We chose Butter Naan with Chilly Paneer as our main course of the night and it was lovely, way beyond expectation. Soft naan with flavorful, spicy paneer chilly gravy, not something I would choose on my own but loved it in the end, happy having made this choice.

For Dessert, we had a filling Drunken Sundae, a combination of Brownie, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Caramelized Popcorn-get the idea? Crunchy and luscious smooth creamy flavors co-existing with elan :) Loved it and it is actually enough as a small meal for a light eater it itself.

Price is on the higher side when compared with quantity, reminiscent of fine-dine experience.Staff is polite but service is extremely slow. It took us 2 hours to get 3 dishes and there was a good degree of confusion as to whether we are going to choose our dishes ourselves (we chose one dish) or it will be sent to us as a set menu. It took us a good 15 minutes to even get water after we entered and then 3 different staff members confirmed with us that we were vegetarians before bringing food! If service is improved, coordination between staff spruced up, then this could be pretty awesome experience on all counts :)

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