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Bathroom Vanity Decorating Ideas Tips | Interior Decor Files Part 1 | Lifestyle Diaries

I am one of those people who have their fingers dipped in 5 different pies at any given point in time. Maybe because I was dropped on my head way too many times as a toddler (kidding!), I multi-task way beyond my capacity to do so (not kidding!) Thus it should come as no surprise that I have been taking a small interior decoration course in past couple of months and now am all ready to try out all my knowledge by renovating my own home, starting from my bathroom and bedroom :D Needless to say,this is also the time when I am immersed in research and all the beautiful,gorgeous ideas are going to be immortalized in these Lifestyle Diaries :)

Bathroom is not the first room that jumps to mind when one thinks about the themes of decorating. Yet, it is where we spend a lot of our time and with some basic decorating ideas, it can be groomed into the most spectacular room in the home. Bathroom vanities are often the most stunning centrepieces that can completely transform the look of any bathroom. These are not just places to wash up; rather these can elevate the whole room into a piece of art, a piece de resistance when it comes to fashionable décor. It can take up the role of our personal spa space, replete with powers to soothe our senses and rejuvenate our batteries, when done right.

Bathroom vanity decorating ideas are an amalgamation of multiple elements which can be used singularly or in varied combinations. From using wallpapers to mirrors, from unique lighting ideas to vintage design elements, there are countless options be used to create a bathroom vanity right out of our dreams, with that element that makes anyone who walks into the bathroom go Wow!


First of all, deciding the theme of décor is paramount. Going vintage or antique or contemporary is all a matter of personal choice. Similarly, choose the number of elements that will clash or co-exist with the vanity. Some might decide to go with a minimalist vintage theme while some might go for a colourful contemporary look, yet others might want a rustic yet bold theme. Mix and match till the right combination is reached.

Bathroom Vanity Decorating Ideas Tips

Rustic yet minimal theme is carried forward by wooden vanity, brass taps and the colourful painting plus trinkets.

Bathroom Vanity Decorating Ideas Tips

Antique luxury theme creates a stunning effect with antique vanity, marble countertop juxtaposing effortlessly with simple mirror

Size and Purpose

A massive his and hers vanity would definitely be out of place in a small bathroom of a bachelor apartment. However, a couple could certainly use a His-and-Hers vanity with more than ample space for storing all their knick-knacks.

Bathroom Vanity Decorating Ideas Tips

Minimal theme with bright white infused with shades of grey in a small apartment, hanging pendant lights breaking the monotony

Bathroom Vanity Decorating Ideas Tips

His-and-Hers vanity in a soothing, simple and very spacious theme, the gigantic sink being the focus of attention

Lighting and Patterns

Play with elements of lighting and materials used for creating the countertops as well as basins. Some materials create drama and rich texture while others give a muted serene look. Mirrors, glass sconces and even chandeliers can create visual illusions (such as making the bathroom look bigger) while countertops define the theme, such as marble ones signifying luxury and bamboo ones signifying an Asian-inspired look. Sinks can perhaps be the most focal points with a simple ceramic one oozing simplicity while an antique brass or bronze one becoming the centre of attraction in no time.

Bathroom Vanity Decorating Ideas Tips Lifestyle Diaries

Glass sconces in conjunction with mirrors add sparkle to the simple and spacious vanity

Bathroom Vanity Decorating Ideas Tips Lifestyle Diaries

Lamps strategically placed alongside an intricate mirror create a deep,rich illusion that works in favour of any bathroom

Colours and Accessories

Using wallpapers and patterned textures on the wall or even the vanity itself is the easiest way to completely transform the whole bathroom. Choose to use a muted colour tone and the bathroom becomes a perfect meditating ground. Choose funky wallpaper and it is a psychedelic den. Use white in conjunction with smart lighting and it gives an illusion of brighter bathroom. Decorate the vanity using flower vases placed strategically or using understated or luxurious hand-made faucets. Grab everyone’s attention with ornate carvings on the mirror or use paintings judiciously to create an alluring aura around the vanity. Use DIY tutorials to create accessories or even complete vanity yourself from old furniture!

Colour is used to a pretty finish with even the ottoman upholstered creatively with pattern of shoes

Ornate antique cabinet modified into a vanity with sink to gorgeous effect

Elaborate wallpaper lets the simple and small bathroom seem like a page out of a timeless fairy tale

I am completely confused as to which ideas should make their final place in my own bathroom. One thing is for sure that using some or all of these bathroom vanity decorating ideas will ensure that our bathrooms are always the centre of attention, for all the good reasons :)

Stay tuned for Interior Decor Files Part 2 soon!

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