Thursday 3 November 2016

Luminous First Look of Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty & The Beast | Hollywood Diaries

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most beloved children’s fairy tales of all times. Disney’s animated movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ became an instant classic when it was released in 1991, even getting nominated for a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards, which is extremely rare for movies in animation genre. It is a story of hope and love through the life of beautiful and intelligent Belle who is forced to live with a beast in his castle. How her friendly disposition and never-give-up attitude helps her find out the truth about kind, tortured prince residing within the beast forms the crux of this much-celebrated story.

It is no wonder that people have been waiting with bated breath for its live-action reboot slated to be released on March 17, 2017. A great cast comprising of Luke Evans as Gaston, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere the candelabra, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth the clock, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts the teapot and Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza the harpsichord is supporting Emma Watson (of Harry Potter’s Hermione fame) as Belle and Dan Stevens (of Downton Abbey fame) as the titular Beast.

While the shooting has been successfully kept under wraps, the first look at Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as Belle and Beast, as revealed on the cover of newest issue of Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday, has rightfully given rise to an internet sensation. They have re-created an iconic scene from the original movie where Belle falls in love with the Beast after a romantic waltz through the majestic ballroom in the castle.

Luminous First Look of Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty & The Beast

Everybody had been wondering if Emma Watson and Dan Stevens would be able to play the roles of Belle and Beast with the required amount of chemistry between them. This cover of theirs as a couple has lain to rest all fears of them possibly being a mismatched couple. Belle is popular as the most bookish of all Disney princesses and as such, Emma Watson who played the bookish Hermione to perfection in Harry Potter franchise, is the perfectly luminous Belle. Dan Stevens is recognized as an object for teenage crush and his turn as a beast with some fantastic CG effects is going to be equal parts scary and riveting.

Much of the fluttering of hearts has been caused by the characters’ costumes as revealed in their first look as Belle and Beast. While recreating the original scene, we can see that care has been taken to keep the costumes as close to their original illustrated versions as possible. Belle wears an iconic voluminous yellow gown with matching gloves, made dramatic with an off-the-shoulder neckline in the original version and here Emma Watson looks the quintessential Belle with classic princess buttercup-shaded yellow gown.

It looks silky and feathery light which is an effect achieved by layers rather than a traditional corset. Emma Watson brings a modern interpretation to Belle as a highly independent character and her costumes in the movie showcase her active lifestyle sans the restricting impediments of Victorian era dress codes. Similarly, Dan Stevens as Beast is dressed up in instantly recognizable navy frock coat with gold embroidery that presents the appropriately regal look.

The world can’t get wait to see what other riches Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as Belle and Beast have prepared for us in coming days and months.
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