Saturday 23 November 2019

HeadQuarters Colaba Mumbai | Fantastic Feast | Food Review | Restaurant Review

An iconic destination of SoBo, Headquarters in Colaba, is back after a 3 year hiatus and it is better than ever! Was here on a lazy afternoon for a review session and it was so much better than expected. Chilled-out ambiance with funky Charlie Chaplin and such digital motifs on the wall, monkeys with light-sabers hanging from the ceilings, a full all-day bar and a menu choc-a-bloc with something for everyone, from pizzas and pastas to Tacos and Wraps. 

There are normal chair-table setups as well as high chairs setups, the staff is extraordinarily polite and helpful, the background music is full of latest global chart-busters with volume enough to carry on conversations with friends without any disturbance. Portions are generous with 1 main course being more than enough for 2 people to share, so prices are very reasonable when compared on the parameters of quality and quantity.

Tried, loved and recommend:-

PANEER CHEESY KEBAB- Long soft paneer and cheese kebabs, MUST-HAVE, so so sooooooo well made,

COTTAGE CHEESE AND CILANTRO MELTS- Melt in mouth cottage cheese in mildly spicy hot & sweet red chilli sauce with coriander garnish, for those who want little pockets of delights on their palate :)

MEXICAN TACOS- Bite-sized crispy corn tortilla pockets with baked beans, peppers, cheese, all baked, good for sharing with friends, fresh and crunchy,

COTTAGE CHEESE IRONY- Big cottage cheese stripes stacked like double-decker sandwiches in creamy gravy with spicy fried rice on the side and sauteed mushrooms, This is the Protein Doube-Decker MUST HAVE, SO. MUCH. COTTAGE. CHEESE.

MOLTEN CHOCOLATE LAVA - Finished off the feast with a molten hot lava chocolate served with vanilla ice cream. DECADENT.

Can't wait to be back :)

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