Tuesday 26 December 2017

Sweet Christmas Feast At Elementaria Bakery & Cafe | Food Review | Food Photography | Vegetarian Desserts

It was Christmas and we needed to indulge. Stars aligned perfectly and we landed here for a lunch-time review. To start off, the menu uploaded on zomato for this branch is not completely functional, I was looking forward to trying out salads, sandwiches and savory waffles but they are not available here right now. The coffee machine wasn't working either. 'Uh oh, we really need a miracle right now' -so we thought. But then we tried a bit of all that was available- hot chocolate, tea, cooler, puffs, croissants, waffles, pastries..AND it was a miracle all right. EVERYTHING is scrumptious and we couldn't have had a better Christmas feast :D

It is a small nook opposite Apsara ice cream at Matunga King Circle, like a comfy petite Parisian cafe. Warm ambiance with smiling, extremely polite staff and fast service. An array of extremely beautiful pastries and savory bakery items displayed to whet the appetite and right now it is decked up in Christmas decorations lending it another layer of charm. Overall, a hidden gem. 

Started off with a round of beverages- CHOCOLATE MARTINI COOLER was cold, refreshing, sister chose and liked it, Mom loved her MASALA CHAI served in cutting chai style,properly aromatic and flavorsome according to her but the star was my choice of AZTEC HOT CHOCOLATE, the most decadent dark chocolate, spiced up a bit to make the dark chocolate even more appetizing. I can have a gallon of this every single day. Made me try another variation of hot chocolate-WILLY WONKA which is a bit more indulgent with dark chocolate topped with whipped cream and a dash of caramel. Hot Chocolate here is MUSTTTTTTT HAVE.

For savories, we zeroed down on..well everything they had and it was all super duper fresh and delicious-

GREEN THAI CURRY PUFF- Liked a lot by mom, crispy puff with a wholesome paneer and veggies mash inside with mild thai curry flavor,

PANEER TIKKA CROISSANT- Nom Nom, the croissant was buttery and paneer tikka filling was right on the money. For those like my sister with a bias for spicier dishes, go for SCHEZWAN PANEER CROISSANT, almost similar with the famous fiery schezwan sauce hint in there encased within smooth buttery croissant. 

PERI PERI PUFF- Another one liked by mom, just like the thai curry puff, it was crispy flaky outside with a wholesome paneer + capsicum filling in mildy spicy peri peri flavor, good for meal for a very light eater :) Pair this one with a milkshake and there you go,filled up for 3-4 hours atleast.

VEG QUICHE- My absolute favorite, another MUST HAVE! A puffy well of mix veggies, paneer in a garlic-mushroom-cheese sauce mash, all layered up with a generous bout of cheese, looks good, tastes grrrrrreat.

And now it was time for my sweet jaw to get happy :D Up first was KIT KAT DUTCH TRUFFLE WAFFLE that we took in a sandwich form, one of the best waffles I have had-soft yet firm, drenched in chocolate-y deliciousness that warrants multiple repeats and served alongside whipped cream + vanilla ice cream that's a far cry from tub vanilla ice creams we are used to. Have it to believe it. MUST-HAVE.

Now we were thoroughly confused. Not only were we almost completely stuffed, the beautiful display made it impossible to choose! Finally we zeroed down on-

BAKED CHEESECAKE - Excellent as expected,

RED VELVET HAZELNUT pastry- Soft, melt in mouth, spectacular,

SEA SALT CARAMEL & DARK CHOCO RASPBERRY Cupcakes- Soft, moist, at the core they had caramel & choco-raspberry fillings respectively, complete party in mouth,

HAZEL VELVET TUB CAKE/WELL CAKE- A soft yet firm pastry boundary surrounding a sinful deluge of chocolate that overpowers all the senses, this one is another MUST-HAVE.

They also presented us with little samples of plum cake, it being Christmas and it was delicious too, heady plum concoction in dry cake form, what more doth one's heart wanteth :D 

Oh,we spent our Christmas indulging all right. But we do not feel guilty at all :D Prices are on the higher side but the quality of products is top-notch premium so we won't complain a bit. Would definitely be back to try out new items on their menu as they introduce it. Till then, Bon Appetit! 

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